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  • tekmar boiler controls

    I went to one of there semiars and it turns out that in the early spring the tekmarNet 4 gatways will be available.

    It will allow users and us the installers to monitor and adust their tn4 systems from a singal point using a web Browser.

    I think this will be great.


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    Re: tekmar boiler controls

    My old boss is on the provincial heating council and has installed the TN-4 already. He can adjust the temperature of his house from his laptop on a beach in mexico...pretty neat stuff
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      Re: tekmar boiler controls

      good idae for buisness owners who have employees who crank up heat/ac when they leave. homedepots have been using this set-up for a couple of years now. all temp contoll is done in arazona, peatty neat. im not sure if tekmar has a distance diagnostic feature or not i will have to look it up, i have some jobsite that will phone me when the system goes down even before the customer knows.
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