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any idea why?

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  • any idea why?

    Plastic pipes and drains. I use shower and no problem. I use bath and have problem. When i let the water out from the bath water finds its' way to the downstairs. I JUST redid the cieling in the bathroom beneath the bathroom i am referring to. I had to replace the cieling because of the leaking. I ran the water for 35 min and nothing from the tub/shower unit. I did find i had to replace the toilet flange. So after running water and finding the flange no good i replaced he drywall and all that jazz.Kids took a bath and i got water again. How can the tub leak after a bath and not while the shower is running??? Any ideas on how to fix this one ? No i have not tore out what i just did yet and filled/drained tub . Thanks for any input...

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    Re: any idea why?

    i would expose the waste and overflow assy and look for seepage. do you have an access panel behind the tub to peak at the waste and overflow?

    are you sure it's not from the kids bathing and splashing through the overflow assy?

    did you throughly test it before you covered it?

    is the tub fiberglass or iron? can it be cracked and flexes when full of water/ weight?

    last but not least. could it be coming from the vent just above the san tee?
    when the shower is draining there is no head pressure. when you let the tub out full of water, the water will back up and enter the vent piping above the level of the san tee. this is usually more of a problem with gal pipe waste.

    is the plastic pipe abs/black or pvc white? there was an issue in the 80's with black abs and hairline cracks at the joints. is it possible

    phoebe it is


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      Re: any idea why?

      What Rick Said!

      I think he covered every possibility. Unless you got one of those nasty water gremlins hiding in there. I still got one in my clothes dryer



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        Re: any idea why?

        White pipeing...what is san tee ?? ...i have an access i will uncover ( tomorrow), and no its not kids splashing it out. I can tell alot more after i get o access panel. ill keep ya posted .....


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          Re: any idea why?

          You may want to post some photos of your plumbing. It is a long shot but it may have something to do with your method of diverting the water. Can you describe which valve you have?

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