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    In my Main bathroom it takes along time for the water to get hot. When it runs for awhile it will finally make a bang sound then you have hot water?? What in the world is that?

    Also, Pressure in shower head is weak, tub is fine. Replaced shower head, all new seats and washers in stems?? What else to do?

    Thanks for any advice given.

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    Poosey, what kind of shower faucet do you have? I recently installed a "Selections" shower tap and I've noticed that as I slowly turn the handle up toward hot, I get cold...cold... cold...then I hear a clunk and there's the hot water, usually too hot so I have to back off on the tap. I was told that there are two spring loaded mixing valves inside ( hot and cold) that you can adjust to have less pressure on the spring. Haven't tried it yet. Not sure if this will help you, Murray


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      Is it just the shower making the noise, or every fixture in the bathroom?


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        Simmons makes the best shower valve around. The time it takes for your water to get hot is probably just the distance between your water heater and your shower


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          If it takes a long time to get hot water to not only the shower but to the sink too you may consider having a recirculation line installed. This involves running a 1/4" soft copper line from your water heater to the furthest point in your hot water piping system. A small pump is installed to keep hot water at that farthest point at all times. If your bathroom is over 100' away from the water heater by NJ code it the recirculation line is required.
          Len<BR>Midlantic Plumbing & Heating


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            If you are going to go with a re-circ line, you may want to also insulate the hot pipes, or all that pipe is gonna act like a radiator, costing you a small fortune on your gas or electric bill. As for the banging, you may want to toss a shock arrestor on the hot side of the piping relitivly close to the shower.


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              Let's see. You replace the washers and the stems? Ok! Some times if the washer are lose. they will make a loud banging noise. Also your hot water may be to hot. Turn it down at the water heater. Too hot of water is not good for your washer, this will wear them out fast. As for your shower head. If your water is comming out down at the tub spout deverter, at the same time, you will lose pressure. You may need to change the spout deverter. I hope this helps. Good luck PlumberX