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  • Vent question?

    In my bathroom, there are 3 vents.

    1- One for the bath
    2- One for the sink
    3- One for the showers

    All 3 vents are 1.5". Do you see any problem if I joint all the 3 vents into one 1.5" then I would have only one 1.5" to bring to the attic??


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    Re: Vent question?

    the total fixture units are 5. that's 2 on the shower, 2 on tub, 1 on sink. a 1.5'' vent can handle 8 fixture units. except toilets and 6 unit traps

    as long as you're not taking away from your total 4'' cross sectional area of venting for the house, you're fine.

    i personally would increase it to 2'' and if it was a standard roof, not tile, i would run separate vents throught the roof for possible snaking if needed in the future.

    typically you join the vents in the attic. joining in the wall is a lot of wood drilling.

    this is under the upc codes.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Vent question?

      No problem with joining all three into one. As Rick wrote, typically vents are tied together in the attic but in the wall is fine also. I am guessing your toilet is wet vented through one of the other fixtures (Yes an 1 1/2 wet vent is ok under the Canadian NPC ) Also, you must increase the vent by at least one pipe size as it passes through the roof and it needs to terminate high enough to prevent roof drainage minimum 1", 6" if you are in an area that gets alot of snow like Edmonton Alberta
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        Re: Vent question?

        Thanks Rick and Honda...

        Actually, my toilet goes staight to my 4" pipe which is the vent for the toilet and also the drain. This 4" pipe goes straight to the roof and by 1 feet 6" above the roof.

        No my toilet isn't wet vented because I joined all the 3 drains of the bath/shower/sink ( which are 1.5" pipe drain which are the same size as their vented ) into one 2" pipe drain and I joined this 2" pipe drained to the 3" pipe drain of the toilet. Do you see any problem with that??
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