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Sovent drainage systems

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    Re: Sovent drainage systems

    Originally posted by biscuit View Post

    I could not find the cut-away we made, but i did take a couple pics of a stack fitting.

    In pic 1 you can see the baffles for cross-flow
    in pic 2 its just a close up fo the baffles
    pic 3 is a view from teh discharge end of the fitting.
    pic 4 is just a isometric kind of view for craps and giggles

    Pic 5, is a gloat, its a pic of a $700 dual bevel compound sliding mitre saw. Dewalt DW718 that I picked up new for $50.00 cash.

    Yes, I did call the sheriff's dept and local P.D. to tell them I had it. I even gave the license plate number from the truck I bought it from. I know it was stolen.

    I waited a couple months and never heard from them, so I called back. They said no one had reported one stolen, and just told me to enjoy it.

    Later guys,
    I didn't see this before. Your "gloat" cost someone their tools. Because the Sheriff didn't have a clue where it was stolen from doesn't make it clean.. It just means that they had no connection to a crime they knew of. That's lame, dude, really lame. The fact that you bought it promotes theft. As a guy who uses tools for a living, thanks for nothing.
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      Re: Sovent drainage systems

      I agree, if the deal is to good to be true, then it is stolen.

      I refuse to support the local swap meets and flea markets out here because I feel the tools are stolen.

      I had a generator cut off my trailer once, I went to the swap meet for weeks looking for it, then all of a sudden it poped up, sadly I didn't write my serial number down to prove it was mine, but I knew it was, I was pissed for weeks.

      I now have cd's full of pictures of every tool I own, from the hand tools all the way up to the cameras and drain cleaning machines. I wrote down all serial numbers and keep the cd's safe.

      I think it is the worst thing in the world, to steal another mans toold and to support such behavior. Without our tools, we are unable to feed our familys and be productive members of society, sadly these thiefs and crack heads do not understand this.

      Alot of work to do that, but it is worth the investiment.
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        Re: Sovent drainage systems

        what the he!!? biscut called the police not once but twice, and they told him to enjoy his new saw, what more could he have done? should he have gone door to door and said "excuse me, but i buoght this saw that i know is stolen and i have called the police, but i just wanted to make sure it is not yours anyway" and you can not tell me that you have never bought a tool out of a pawn shop, like we all know how legit they are.

        biscut i must admit that i don't buy from people like that i can not see what more you could have done. you know if the story was....
        you bought the saw called the police and they came out took the saw and gave it back to the rightfull owner you would have been everyones hero. such a shame the cops in your area didn't care enough to at least come out in person to talk with you.
        9/11/01, never forget.


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          Re: Sovent drainage systems

          Congratulations on your new saw Biscuit,You gave me some good advice.If a fresh TWEEKER wants to sell his tools for a few hours of bump send him over.It's also great for the thieves to know that some of us are going to take pictures for the investigation/prosecution.

          I've thought a lot about this the past couple of days.Years ago I used to buy tools out of toothless's trunk and the swap meet,not anymore.One on one I'll think about it due to the easy investigation trail.Still don't think I'll buy anything from the merchants at the swap meets with a bunch of tools with evidence of ID grinding.

          As times get tougher over this economic period the thieves are going to be resorting to this type of activity more often.Start paying more attention to your tools people.


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            Re: Sovent drainage systems


            I think the point you are missing is by buying suspect goods from anyone provides a market for suspect goods. If we all refused to buy deals which are too good to be true there would be no reason for a thief to steal them.

            On another note many years ago I was traveling down a lonely highway on my way home from a goose hunt. Laying in the middle of the highway was a brand new three wheeler which apparently fell off of someones trailer. I stopped and picked it up and drove it into Palm Sp[rings. President Regan was in town for the holidays and I found the command center where all the police were hanging out. When I tried to turn it in one of the officers suggested I take it home and keep it as they had no way of tracing it. As much as a new toy looked good to me I showed him the green tag under the seat (registration). At that point another officer agreed to take it home with him so he could use it for spare parts. I left the ATV with them then stopped by the address on the registration to leave a note telling them where to find their ATV.

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              Re: Sovent drainage systems

              Hold up there guys,

              First off, I should never had referred to it as a gloat, that my fault, big time..

              I bought the damn saw with the intent that it would return to rightfult owner.l

              No offense, but loosing $50.00 is not going to kill me.

              I do not have the luxury of knowing the rightful owner, but if the owner does not report it stolen, he will never get it back??

              Maybe I screwed up, I dunno??? I gave the sherrif and police the tag number of the truck which I purchased it from.

              If I had know I would get beat up for this, I would never have mentioned it.

              I was trying to do the right thing.

              If I had not bought it, you know as well as I do that they would have easily sold it to someone else.

              I still have the saw in the same condition I purchased it in. If somone comes up and could prove it belonged to them, I would be most happy to give it back to them.

              I am not trying to promote "theft of property" by any means.

              I did make attempts with the sherrifs office and local police to find the rightful owner, but if its not reported stolen, what the hell am I supposed to do???

              I just thought I was doing the right thing to eventually get it returned to rightful owner.
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                Re: Sovent drainage systems

                i hear you and agree with you biscut though i might be the only one
                9/11/01, never forget.