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    Re: Flood Control Measures

    i started at 18 working for a labor union and it was good $ as long as there was work . but after 2 yrs work slowed and i was off work more then working .i had a friend that did plumbing and he broke his leg and his boss needed him back to work ,so i was his go for and worked when i can .well that was for a year so i stopped working for the union and went to work for the plumber .
    after 5 yrs i felt i should be making more $ and the boss said no so i got the first job i applied for making $ 2 more an hr. after 1 yr i moved to pa and got a job with the first plumber i went to and got $ 3 more an hr .after 3 weeks working as a plumber and in the Th week i was going for my journeyman's license but i had to go in for a knee operation and was out for 7 weeks .[ good start in a new state ]
    when i went back to work they needed some one to put in a big boiler in a hospital and had no one in the HVAC dept to do it so i did it . well the hvac boss did not want me to go back to the plumbing dept so he kept me in his dept . i am still working with him 18 yrs later and I'm the only pipe fitter in the CO.

    i love my job every day and i said the same thing when i was in the union and doing plumbing so you never know what tomorrow will bring . keep an open mind and learn and do as much as you learn ,you never know .
    did i say i was a high school drop out ,not that I'm proud of it but i make good $ now .

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      Re: Flood Control Measures


      An electrician has loads of complex math to deal with all the time. He/she gets a pretty tuff workout too depending on the job. Try lugging large coils of SEC and SER cable and you'll understand. There is lots of grunt and groan work in almost any trade. Please do yourself a huge favor and get all the education (all kinds) as you can while you're still young. Also, if you don't have it, get busy on getting your driver's license.


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        Re: Flood Control Measures

        Originally posted by Aaron91 View Post
        All Clear- Why not?
        Been there done that and wont ever do it again.
        You thought the teachers treated you like crap, wait till you work for a union boss. You will be a low life scumbag to these guys above you. You will wish you were back in school and not putting up with these guys. I was 17 working under a union plumber Co and was called to the union hall because I had not joined. I told the union that I did not plan on joining thus I was let go in a few weeks and my car was trashed while I was out on a job site.Here you have to have at least a GED to join the union. I live in a right to work state (That`s another topic I`ll bring up soon) thus the union cant get you fired but they did as you have to be union to work on a union job site. Why pay someone money when you are doing the work? Don't get me wrong, there was a day when the union was for the people but from what I see the union is only out for it`s self these days.
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