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Help!! Furnace Vibration!!

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  • Help!! Furnace Vibration!!

    I'll try and make this breif. Last Summer the blower motor went out on my furnace (General Electric Gas Fired furnace 1984). I pulled the blower out and cleaned the motor and oiled it (we just bought the house and was told the motor had sealed bearings). It ran for awhile. Anyway I cleaned the blower wheel and I thought I knocked off some of the balancing weights, because then the furnace started to vibrate. Then it finally died. I had the blower motor replaced and the guy put in a 1/3 HP motor, the original motor was a 1/4 HP motor. It still vibrated so I bought a replacement blower wheel and replaced it thinking that was the problem. Guess what it still is vibrating. I know there will be some vibration but not the way this is vibrating. Can anybody give me some help with this problem????
    Semper Fi <BR>Chuck<BR>USMC 66-70

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    Have you looked at the condition of the rubber bushings where the blower housing mounts to the furnace? It's possible that either the bushings are worn out, or the bolts that mount the assembly are overtightened. Another thing that can cause the problem you're having is if the motor isn't mounted straight. If it's a little crooked, this can cause problems too. Good luck, and I hope you find this info helpful.
    Marcus Rinaldi<BR>Service Tech<BR>F&W Heating & Cooling


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      Marcus thank you for your input.. I never saw any rubber bushings where the blower goes in. The unit slides under a lip and has two sheet metal screws at the front that hold it in place. Never saw any bushings. I noticed when I put the wheel in, and reattached the motor, locked it down that when I spin the wheel it looked lopsided. Is that what your talking about in reference to the motort being mounted straight, and if so how do you straightin it The motor has a cage that fits on both ends of the motor and rubber things that go over the bearings. Then you squeeze tight and screw the two together. Then you mount these flanges and then mount to the blower housing.

      Thanks Chuck
      Semper Fi <BR>Chuck<BR>USMC 66-70