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  • Ridgid 122

    I have seen in a recent trade magazine that ridgid has come out with a new copper cutting tool that cuts, deburs, cleans etc. I believe that the model number is a 122. What is the retail price of these and how have they been working. They look great and would be excellent for boiler work. Thanks

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    The 122 Copper prep machine has a list price of $1199. To see some more detailed information on this product. Go to our home page and click on new products, from here select tubing tools, and there you can select the model 122


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      You also asked how the Model 122 has been working for us... we have had overwhelming positive response from our customers since we introduced this machine. As you mentioned, this machine is great for boiler work, especially since it only weighs 50 lbs and can be easily transported directly to a boiler room. We are also seeing the machine used for prefabricating shower faucets and for general prep work on 1/2" - 2" copper and stainless steel tubing.

      If you end up purchasing one of these please let us know what you think.


      Tom Scott
      Sr. Product Manager, Hand Tools
      Tom Scott<BR>Senior Product Manager, Hand Tools<BR>Ridge Tool Company


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        I am interested in using the 122 for cutting copper and hydraulic tubing for educational trainers that we manufacture. The diameter on much of this tubing is 3/8" OD. Is this too small for this machine?


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          What I have seen is that 3/8" tubing might fall in between the rollers and hit the casting. Once this happens, the tubing stops turning and the tool can not cut. This is not always the case, as tubing diameters can vary, but I would not recommend purchasing one until you give it a try.