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Grading Trenches

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    Re: Grading Trenches

    If you also do sewer cleaning, might be a profitable way to install them...LOL


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      Re: Grading Trenches

      Originally posted by DuckButter View Post
      It appears the way I left it, it looks like that was what I was saying.
      NO I don't just pile pipes on mounds and leave 'em...wouldn't pass any inspections that way.
      When I was a production punk in the eighties,and some commercial in the early nineties.I used the mounds,some of them had the pipe over a foot of void underneath them.A laborer would come behind us and spinkle soft dirt around the pipes.I have grounded 100's of homes this way.One huge warehouse I did the 6" cast over 300' this way cause the owner didn't want to pay for sand,again the pipe was over 12" high in some spots since the boss didn't supply the backhoe with a spotter.These were unacceptible instalations.

      Now everything is tuned with strings and sand.Before any pipe goes in.

      When I think of those jobs and how I thought was doing a good job because that is how I was told,JEESH.

      ToUtahNow,I get sand is on the job so the excavator operator can spot pile and or spread as he works his way out of the building.Sometimes the concrete guys cry because they need to knock down a pile or two to run their strings and forms,but hey,beats me pulling a form and jumping ditches

      I just wanted to put it out there in case a plumber was being schooled in the art of quantity not quality.



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        Re: Grading Trenches

        "What's domestic soil?"

        Stuff that's not imported from China.
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          Re: Grading Trenches

          here the pipe has to sit on about 4" to 6" pea gravel then backfilled with the same . if is a deep line the put a couple feet of this stone on the pipe then dirt . if it is going to be under a slab they just use the stone and the the floor contractor will put his stone down before his slab

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            Re: Grading Trenches

            Originally posted by westcoastplumber View Post
            hahaha, everyone wants a roller coaster for a sewer fun ride to the city sewers
            That's funny westcoast. And true. A sewer needs to be set on a firm bed or expect Plumber Rick or Westcoast to show up with the expensive equipment.
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              Re: Grading Trenches

              You mean boulders, sticks and broken chunks of concrete aren't good fill?