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  • kitec damage

    ok.. I thought I would ask this question here as well for a second opinion. I've layed out kitec on wire mesh in a garage for in floor heat. the concrete is being poured on friday. there's one spot I noticed when tying the kitec down that has a little nick of the outer plastic out of it. one of the corners of the mesh nicked it. you can see the aluminum but the aluminium is not punctured. I've had the system pressurized at 75 psi since saturday with no loss. the local supplier and someone in support over at pex/kitec both said that as long as the aluminum was not damaged to just wrap the spot with vinyl /electical tape to prevent the concrete from contacting the aluminum. just like to get another opinion.. I would hate to have to put a brass coupling in the concrete but I would also hate to have a problem after it's poured. apparantly the system only runs about 20 psi when it's functional..