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sprinklers in existing bldg.?

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  • sprinklers in existing bldg.?

    currently bid and was awarded a job, adding an apartment on 2nd floor of an existing commercial building,in Johnstown, PA. I'm being told by COG (inspectors), that i may need to add a sprinkler system. even though existing bldg. has none. this is zoned residential, and was given a zoning variance years ago, to allow the existing business (a "frateral order of eagles",club/bar).I was told by owner it was originally all apt's. the new blueprints were approved for fire ratings of doors, ceilings,drywall, exits, etc. waitng for permit, and now this???
    COG gave me some paperwork to fill out, from chapter 34,(existing bldg's) of some code book they tried to sell me for $75, including a worksheet on existing and new constuction materials, and it assigns values to each answer, some being negative values??? then add all these up to get a total, and compare it to min. standards, then i wont need sprinklers???
    met with the architect today, and i had to walk him through this, as he has never seen anything like this before either.
    anyone with experience with this???? anyone famliar with this chapter 34???
    need to get this started soon
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    Re: sprinklers in existing bldg.?

    have you tried the nfpa code issues forum?
    I don't know how to post a link.
    It's easy to find.
    I haven't heard much talk around hear on fire protection code issues.


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      Re: sprinklers in existing bldg.?

      I know in my state it was changed a few years ago that any new residential construction has to have sprinklers....raised a big ruckus with builders.
      You may have to add a new sub and alter your contract.