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A Funny Story and A Not-So-Funny Story

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  • A Funny Story and A Not-So-Funny Story

    This is my first plumbing related story. I usually hang out in the woodworking forums.

    First the funny story:

    I've been doing a remodel on our Master Bedroom and Bath. I put down tile in the bath after having to rebuild the subflooring under the toilet because it had been leaking under the vinyl floor covering for some time. Anyway, we decided to order a new toilet and get one that had a higher seat and was elongated for greater reading comfort. We ordered it through our local Home Depot last Friday. They were supposed to deliver it early this week. But they were supposed to call first to make sure that someone would be there.

    We never received a call and we had not seen our toilet.

    About 11:00 last night, we get a call from a person that lives up the street who had just driven in from a week long trip. They came home to find a brand new toilet sitting in their driveway!!!

    Even though Home Depot said we would get a call first, and even though our house number -- 115 -- was computer printed in about a 16 to 18 point font on the invoice, they left it in the driveway of house number 105!! Morons!

    Can you imagine the look on these people's faces when they came home from a trip to find a toilet in their driveway?! LOL!!!! We made Home Depot come out this morning and go get our toilet and bring it home! [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Now the Not-So-Funny Story:

    Yesterday morning my wife calls me at work and tells me that there is a leak in the wall behind the washing machine. She moved the machine away from the wall and found it covered in mold. Great! I went home and found the sheetrock soaked. The hot water valve was leaking. I cut out a huge section of sheetrock -- there was a lot wet -- and pulled out the soaked insulation (exterior wall) and was horrified. Apparently, there had been a leak for a LONG time inside the wall. It looked like the joint between the brass valve and the plastic pipe was also leaking. The bottom of a stud and over two feet of the 2x4 sill plate in the wall were so rotted, that I was able to take my fingers, with no tools, and dig out over 2 feet of the sill down to the bare and equally rotted subflooring. Eventually found a hole in the P trap of the drain that looks like it had been hit with a nail at some point. Probably leaking inside the wall since it was built about 14 years ago! It just never ends, does it?

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    Bummer on the rot George. And no I don't think it ever ends, its like the simple toilet replacement(30min job) that turns into a 2 day job when you find the floor so rotted that you wonder why you weren't sitting in the basement sooner.

    I had a similiar experience this past spring with my roof. I was touching up the tar aound the chimney flashing after the winter and while peering over the edge of the roof I noticed the drip trip coming from under the roofing tiles (this is on a gable end) was behind the aluminum trim applied during and remodel adding vinyl siding, Oh by the way the siding has been on the house for ~10 yrs, previous owners. hmm I thought as I reached in and proceeded to stick my finger right through the rotten wood on the other side. Trust me I know that pit of your stomach sinking feeling .

    Anyway I corrected the trim placement and haven't done a thing with it since because I forgot (or my subconcious blocked it out). Either way your note reminded me that I still need to address the problem before the winter sets in.

    Good Luck!
    Let me see... 1, 2, 3, 4.... Uh Oh.