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Grohe valve, double ell, etc.

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  • Grohe valve, double ell, etc.

    A friend of mine installed a Grohe temperature control valve. Also, he installed a "volume control" valve that is suppose to be mounted above the valve (around 12" or so).

    The installation called for a double ell as shown below.

    Now, the thing is, when he turns the two built-in shut-offs on, he can't shut the valve off. It just controls the temperature. He can get hot water and he can get cold water, but can't shut it off. He installed it just how it is shown above. The temperature valve has the top port capped (as requested in the "instructions"). The volume control is mounted between the temperature valve and the shower head.

    Was he suppose to install an actual shower valve? I have only installed a Grohe shower valve and it was straight forward (nothing like this).

    In theory, it seems like the water would have to go through the temperature valve, then go from the bottom port to the top port of the "volume control" valve then go to the double ell. In the picture above, it doesn't say what valve they are talking about. If its the "volume control" valve or the "temperature control" valve.

    Anyone have any advice on this? There really isn't any set instructions on this for some reason.
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    Re: Grohe valve, double ell, etc.

    usually when we hook up these intricate set ups, we also install body sprays, hand held showers, etc.
    for each head (shower head, body spray, hand held, etc,) we install a stop valve (same trim as volume control) & a volume control
    that way one could turn on or off any multiple combinations of heads at 1 time & also control the volume of water flow to each head independently
    i think we used a main shower valve, then a diverter valve, then a volume control valve for each head
    seems kind of redundant, but i believe some manufacturers make their volume control valves so they go from slow to fast flow, not off then to fast flow
    if im corrent grohe & hans grohe are like this, i think ondine's volume controls shut off
    hope this helps
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      Re: Grohe valve, double ell, etc.

      It seems to me it should be volume control first [on/off],then mixing valve which should be at the volume control ,then to any other divertors or spray heads which could be independently turned on and off .To be honest ,I haven"t seen what you are describing,though I have installed many grohe and hans-ghrohe valves.Whether temperature balanced or pressure balanced or combo,the mixing always took place at the main volume control,and from that point add divertors or sprayers per specs.Sorry I couldn"t help .Is it possible the main control stem was damaged during soldering or a part missing in the guts.


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        Re: Grohe valve, double ell, etc.

        Thanks for the help, guys.

        We have also installed valves where the shower valve has different ports and it can go to a second shower head or body sprayers. But, this is something totally different. As for missing parts, its very likely. I'll have to go over to where he's working and check out all the parts inside the valve body and see if anything seems to be missing.

        I'll see if I can get ahold of him and see if I can get model numbers.

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          Re: Grohe valve, double ell, etc.

          I'm comfused as to how he has it piped but I can tell you how it's supposed to be piped.

          Hot and cold are piped to the tempering valve without shutoffs.

          Out of the top of the tempering valve to volume controls. Be sure manufacturer allows a bottom feed out of tempering valve. Most have a plug there just for draining in freezing weather and is not funtional.

          From volume controls to either showerhead, tub spout, body sprays or hand held sprayhead. One volume control needed for each outlet. With this setup typically you don't need a twinell that you have pictured.

          It sounds like he has 1 volume control supplying a showerhead and tub spout. The tub spout has to be a diverter type. The volume control goes between the tempering valve and the middle port on the twinell.


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            Re: Grohe valve, double ell, etc.

            I can see that.May have even installed a similar system and don't remember.Good post P-crack


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              Re: Grohe valve, double ell, etc.

              From the sounds of it I think this is the way it should be:
              1. Hot & cold piped into the mixer valve with built in shut offs.
              2. Bottom port plugged on mixer valve.
              3. Top port of mixer valve connects to volume control valve inlet which is located 12" higher than the mixer valve.
              4. Piping from volume control outlet then takes a U-turn back down and connects with center port of twin-ell.
              5. Pipe from rear port of twin-ell heads back up to shower head
              6. A tub spout with a diverter must be used for this set up.
              The twin-ell eliminates the need for separate volume control for a tub spout without a diverter.

              For myself I prefer this set up because all it takes is a push on the diverter (on a Grohe tub spout) to get a shower going.

              If you have 2 volume control valves, usually you would turn on the spout to get your proper temperature, then you are gonna have to shut off the spout, then turn on the shower, then twist twice again to get it back down to the spout.

              Twist twice.....hows that for a little tongue twister,LOL