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    Re: remote thermostats

    Originally posted by Ruudacguy View Post
    I have used them and they actually work pretty good. There are still a few in use at the building my shop is in. I lease about 5 thousand square feet of a 140 thousand square feet building. These meters have worked out real good to monitor the gas usage of 3 other tennants. I didnt have enough time to re-pipe the entire building when I was installing heat, but I do get a little more done every year. We are slowly phasing these meters out, and getting tennants in with their own name on the gas bill. The 3 units next to me have 2 Reznor TR150-50's. We take the meter reading, multiply it by 1.5, then multiply by what gas is per therm. We round the number down to account for the 15 second pre-purge cycle. Its not perfect, but its close.

    A 140 thousand sq. foot building?

    Why multiply by 1.5?