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Hey everyone.

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  • Hey everyone.

    Hey everyone, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and a relaxed one at that. I haven't been on in awhile due to work and a side job. I'm glad to be back.

    It's been a huge responsibility and learning experience running my own truck lately. I guess I've done well cause they've upgraded me from an older small dodge van to this:

    It's a 2004 Freight Liner 3500 Dually. I've riden in several different Sprinters before, and by far the Dually handles the best.

    You can't really tell too much from this picture, but I try and keep it really shined up.

    I recently just got this too:

    Just thought I'd shared this with everyone.

    Have a good one.
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    Re: Hey everyone.

    Congratulations there,
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      Re: Hey everyone.


      Good job I am glad to see you stuck with it. You will never regret making the effort of going back for it. Now go out there and become the plumber we all know you can be.

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        Re: Hey everyone.

        Congratz Aaron! I'm proud of you. Looks like you are really heading in the right direction. Looks like you took good advice and applied it well.

        Good to have you back,



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          Re: Hey everyone.

          Aaron, Way to go. You did yourself one huge favor getting your diploma. Nice truck too.


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            Re: Hey everyone.

            Awww...look everyone, our son is all grown up

            Was starting to wonder what happened to you. Seems we lost a couple of other local guys lately

            Nice looking truck, Im jealous

            Bossman doesn't mind you side jobbing?


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              Re: Hey everyone.

              Congratulations Aaron,

              We wish you all the best in acheiving your future dreams.

              You go girl!!


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                Re: Hey everyone.

                Thanks everyone.


                I know it's a real nice truck. Soon as I finish cleaning/stocking the inside of the truck I'll take some pictures of that too.

                I'm not sure if he does or doesn't. I use my own vehicles/parts/tools to complete the jobs. They are not his customers, so I'm not stealing any work. They are all people who I have worked for to gain their business.
                Proud To Be Union!!


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                  Re: Hey everyone.

                  Congrats Aaron...great job...the van looks good too...keep up the good work
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                    Re: Hey everyone.

                    arron way to go man, i now know you have had atleast two things to be very very greatful for and i bet that diploma will last years longer than that van.

                    arron please keep up the good work!
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                      Re: Hey everyone.

                      Con-Graduations Aaron. Nice Van too.

                      On a side note, how do you you guys post such huge photos? (directed to anyone)
                      I tried to upload the direct link from my "photobucket album image", but it keeps saying that my file is too big. The photo sizes are about 156kb.

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                        Re: Hey everyone.

                        Congratulations on the diploma and working on your own with a new van. Working by yourself is a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. Your boss must trust you and your work.

                        I have always thought the Sprinter was the perfect plumbers van. Let us know what you like and dislike.

                        I have always been impressed with your willingness to learn and posting pics of your work for critique.
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                          Re: Hey everyone.

                          nice work aaron....and nice signature by the president of the state education commitee....looks like a 3 year old's signature
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                            Re: Hey everyone.

                            Aaron you're doing awsome in life. Congrats on the van and your diploma. Why do I hear the theme song to the Mary Tyler Moore show running through my head right now?
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                              Re: Hey everyone.

                              Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
                              Why do I hear the theme song to the Mary Tyler Moore show running through my head right now?
                              He is too young to get that but that's funny