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  • Lowe's Hot Water Heater

    Now I know they are POS`s but I had to buy one at night time when the plumbing supply house was closed. So I picked it up and installed it and all was well around the house once again. ((Got the Women off my back))

    Well you guessed it, Now the POS doesn't work right...lmao
    Hot one time and cold the next time. So, I calls up the Lowe`s store and they tell me to call WP as they have to do the warranty. So I call em and they tell me they will ship out the parts but I have to pay shipping and do the install. I said WTF??? You really want homeowners doing repairs on Hot water heaters? I`m thinking there`s gonna be a lot of rockets going off in the DIY homes

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    Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

    Just for craps and giggles, how long did it properly work?

    Oh yeah, I am sorry for loss, but at least you can now put one in of decent quality.



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      Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

      Hang on a minute - are the parts still on warranty? Is the heater still on warranty? You don't say when it was installed or why you need parts from the company, or which parts you need, or why.

      We've had shallow wells going dry over the last few years, and occasionally one will start pumping sand. An element won't last two weeks in that situation. So, is this the fault of the heater, or something else?

      Enquiring minds want to know.


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        Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

        I live in the city and have it hooked to their main line so I`m sure we don't have much sand in it.
        I installed it about 1 year a go and it might have worked for 6 months before it started this hot and cold crap. I set it at the 1/2 way point. When I turn it to HOT, Nothing happens. I go turn on the water for a while then it lights off and I can then take a bath in 1/2 an If I don't turn on the water to get it to fire off I only get about 2 to 3" of hot water in my big claws foot tub. I have a big tub and I want to soak in it after a long hard day playing in the Sewers
        Well the other night the other 1/2 took her bath first and I had to wait for over an hour so NOW I`m gonna fix this problem..

        See Women, if it affects us men we will do some plunbing around our own

        Anyway the said they will be sending me a new valve assembly with-out burner that I have to install and pay the shipping on. I told the Lady on the phone it was a damn good thing that I was a plumber because I sure would hate to see a DIY guy try this. She LOL and said yea, I know what you are saying....errrrr
        I dont think she got that I was being a smartass...errrrrr

        Oh yea it was a 6 year heater so "YES" it`s still under warranty thus why they are so nice to send me the new parts

        BTW...It a gas heater too
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          Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

          That clears it up a lot. I'm used to electric heaters. Is the gas valve warranted as long as the tank? (Still in warranty at six months, for sure.)

          How many gallons is the heater?


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            Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

            I`d have to say yes as they know that they have been having problems with em for about 3 years or so. She knew right off what I was gonna tell her I needed when I called....rotflmao

            It`s a 40gal


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              Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

              It is strating to sound like lots of companies have a strange view of sears..tooka broken ratchet back...gave me a rebuld kit for it....I've always ???? how the warrenty on things like a water heater..worked at places like HD Lowes ect....since stores cater to DIY'ers cant see them covering labor..still makes the cost saveings seem like less of a bargin.


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                Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

                Same thing happened to the Lowes/WP heater where my daughter goes to daycare. They sent the lady the parts, she had to pay for shipping, and for me to install them. IIRC, I replaced the Unitrol, and the manifold assembly, but the orifice and burner had to be reused.


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                  Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

                  Originally posted by All Clear Sewer View Post
                  BTW...It a gas heater too

                  Here's the scoop:

                  Lowe's sells Whirlpool brand water heaters. This is a cover brand for CRAFTMASTER


                  AMERICAN MFG.

                  Craftmaster brand by American is the the cheapest water heater sold in the states.

                  Notorious for premature failures and have a reputation for tank rupture/leaks early on.

                  Here's what you got:

                  A water heater that's under a class action lawsuit heading from the west coast to the east coast....they refuse to stop selling them because it's not affecting sales because nobody knows.........???

                  If you serial number has a B in it, that means they corrected that joke of a left hand thread thermocouple that has a tendency for short life.


                  The FVIR system (Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant) bottom spark arrestor is prone for clogging up quite easily, especially if you have cats in the basement where most water heaters are. The spark arrestor is dual mesh screens with flame retardent insulation that keeps any hint of flames from entering the combustion chamber. While that does its job quite well, it clogs and starves the unit of oxygen.

                  Aside from that, they started sending dual inlet screens to cover the openings at the bottom but still doesn't fully solve the problem.

                  ***If you make a hole or loosen up the sealed viewing window where the pilot tube/gas burner tubing goes into, this will void the warranty and also make you liable in the event of a fire***

                  I've already seen homeowners doing this with the result of getting more oxygen to the flame.

                  Whirlpool ONLY pays $85 to the LICENSED plumber to make any repairs to the unit when in failure mode (used to be $75) but anyone who's dealt with this unit knows that when the peizo ignitor is off just a 1/16" won't fire on a relight. Along with that, the thermocouple failure and clogged inlet screen.

                  You won't fix it right away....maybe under an hour but you have to totally disconnect from the gas valve and remove the two screws that always strip that hold the large metal shroud with viewing window. I've never done one and had it operable in under an hour which includes drive time.

                  I get calls for these repairs all the time and turn them all down, especially knowing that it isn't a hour call most of the time. Customers for some reason call and say "Yeah Lowe's said that you all come out and fix the problem and they take care of the bill." "Right stupid. I come to your house and fix a plumbing problem you pay me and you take it up with Lowes." Of course, I don't get the call after that but it was intentional to do so anyway.

                  This won't be the first time you've have problems with this heater, and it won't be the last. After you throw enough money at it you'll eventually put a different brand in.

                  But every day, people are buying those heaters solely based on price and realizing what they bought....after the fact.

                  All in all, what you have is not good.

                  To service plumbers,

                  If you want to get out of doing these.....or make money if you're determined to do it, tell them that the charge covered by Whirlpool covers the 1st hour, that they are liable for any time after that based on 15 minute intervals at $2.00 a minute.
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                    Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

                    Dunbar,You are a great source of info. I have the feeling, You have more to shareon other subjects, please do .
                    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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                      Re: Lowe's Hot Water Heater

                      I don't know if I`m gonna repair it or not but if I do I`ll post how it goes. I`m thinking about pulling it and putting some acid in it so the bottom will rot out and send it back to em with a bid finger painted on it

                      This thing is in the basement of my house and I really don't want to mess with working on it for the next six years