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well water, softeners and permanganate

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  • well water, softeners and permanganate

    Hello all,
    I have watched this forum for a while, but this will be my first post. When I purchased the house the water line off the well was tee-d into the pressure tank and then ran directly into a "permanganate" tank. I have no experience with these but that is what the previous owners called it. After the "permanganate" tank the water line runs into a water softener, from here it splits to cold water and a line to the water heater. The softener has two tanks, what I have been told is that while I use one tank the other is regenerating. Once again, I have no experience with this type of water softener but this is what I have been told. Now to my problem. Since we purchased this house, when the water softener is regenerating we can smell a strong sulfer odor in our water. In an attempt to troubleshoot the problem, I have bypassed the "permanganate tank and the water softener and my water smells fine. When I only by-pass the permanganate tank and my water softener regenerates my water has a sufer smell that wasn't there when the softener was not regenerating. Could my water softener be contaminated by the permanganate tank? If so, could the softener be salvaged or is it time for a new unit? Not sure if this will help or not, but the previous owners told me that when they added salt to the softener they poured 1/3 cup of permanganate into the permanganate tank. I have been doing the same. Any help would be appreciated.