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    Re: some of jobs picts


    You are my buddy but remember you are quoting a code section from Chapter 6. The only thing Chapter 6 relates to is water supply lines. I'm not saying it is not a good idea to use a union or that it is illegal I am simply saying it is not a code requirement.

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      Re: some of jobs picts

      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      so if the hot and cold can be disconnected without cutting the piping. then the only thing that needs to be reworked is the relief valve. doesn't really make sense.

      609.5 "unions shall be installed in the water supplypiping within 12'' of regulating equipment, water heating, conditioning tanks, and similar equipment that may require service by removal or replacement in a manner that will facilitate it's ready removal."

      if the relief valve needs replacement, then you would need to cut piping to remove and reconnect. a union would allow for "ready removal"

      a compression fitting or a shark bite fitting is a great choice as both are considered a union and are much less costly than a typical cxc union or
      mip x c union. and they don't require soldering

      the water, hot and cold, possible circulating line, gas line all have a form of a union. the only thing keeping the heater from being removed without cutting would be the relief valve.

      still up to interpretation.

      So what your saying Rick,If you were an inspector you would be forced to fail my water heater instalation because I did not put a union on my pressure relief valve.

      What's the big deal anyway with all the rave with sharkbite fittings.You got em' on your truck use one here.



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        Re: some of jobs picts

        Originally posted by wookie View Post
        Hey Robert,

        I understand the copper you have plumbed up for the H/C, dishwasher and filter. I was refering the the refer ice/water line which there is no need for but how about the ice maker in the island? I realize this is a raised foundation and the line can be run after the fact. When installing a reverse osmosis system its always a bummer when I can't get a line to the icemaker from the sink area. Slab on grade is usually where this occurs.I just think its easier and cleaner to run the line ahead of time thats all! Looks like we're going to have a dry Saturday!!...... unless those sharkbites start leaking

        LOL, on the sharkbites, yeah, it is a bummer when the filter line cannot be run due to the slab and the refer is all the way across the kitchen with no cabinets in between.

        I have had a few like this, it all depends on the customer, sometimes there is a bathroom behind where I feed off the cold and install a ice maker box, sometimes I just have to suck it up and run a 1/2" line up and over and then install a box.

        I have seen hack jobs where the plumber ran plastic or soft copper over the cieling, through the cieling, all types of things, makes for an ugly job.