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So I bought a 300 last weekend

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  • So I bought a 300 last weekend

    Finally a 300 that I can call my own. Its old, but it can still kick some ***. It didnt come with the carriage assembly which I would like to have, but I might add that later.

    Heres what I got: The 300 with its own tri stand and foot pedal; a hardly used 450 tri stand; ratchet threader with 12r dies and heads from half to two. I had to buy a new oiler separate, and I had a 2 cutters already.

    Right now I am still reaming with my Lenox Unibit and a cordless drill as I comtemplate whether to order a complete carriage assembly with the reamer, cutter, and 811 adjustable dies. Another option I really like is the tri-threader, and I can always buy a ratchet reamer.

    I had to look for the best deal I could find on a used unit. Even if I had the money for a new setup (which I dont), I couldnt justify spending it on something that will get used so little.

    Does anyone here use their 300's much?

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    Re: So I bought a 300 last weekend

    i have a 300, an it only gets use for pipe 1.25'' and larger.

    i have a 1210 oiless that i use for 1/2''-1''.

    you can find plenty of 300 carriages on e-bay.

    i bought a 270 for my buies shop and his guys love it. the 270 is basically a 700 built into a tristand with a 300 chuck. you use han dies on it.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: So I bought a 300 last weekend

      I really like those 1210's Rick. Maybe someday I will have one just for residential use.

      I used my 300 this week for 3/4, 1 and 1-1/4 on an industrial job I had.

      I'm still considering a carriage assembly from Ebay. Theyre all knockoffs and wont add a dimes worth of value to my setup though. I could have bought a complete 300 knockoff for $1500, but it prolly wouldnt be worth half that if I ever sold it. I've got just under $1100 invested so far in all of my brand name stuff and I guarantee I will never lose a dime if I went to sell it.


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        Re: So I bought a 300 last weekend

        we have 3- 300 in our shop and i keep one on my truck all the time .
        i use the 12r dies ,we have a carriage but know one uses it they all use the 12r dies . we also have 2 -65r-c and no one uses them .we have a Models 141/161 Geared Receding Threaders and we don't use this either we weld all pipe over 2".
        i use my 300 a lot at times and it works nice when you can set it up some were and leave it there fore some time ,its not nice when i have to load it every day

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          Re: So I bought a 300 last weekend

          I still have two 300 left from when I had my shop. One has the carriage and the other I use hand dies.

          "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

          I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!