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Stolen Copper

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    Re: Stolen Copper

    I see lots of stuff in scrap yards, the only thing required is a picture ID, they are stealing everything from copper pipe, wire, a coils, to copper wire and cable wire form telephone, electrical polls.

    sign of the times.



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      Re: Stolen Copper

      I just bid a 3 story apt bldg that was stripped of all exposed copper & baseboard.
      Guy had just gotten his deposit for a sale and stopped by to check in to discover the heat was out.
      Now the sale is held up until he gets it repiped and his ins co is attempting to weasle out on a technicality.


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        Won't do a repipe when crime is involved

        The person it usually happens to will call 400 plumbers until they get the cheapest. Some of them really play the victim beyond its true worth, especially when the car they show up in is over $30,000.
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          Re: Stolen Copper

          Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
          This is Virginia Beach and I'm sure some stuff slips by unfortunantley. Wait a second, were you implying you live in Virginia Beach?
          I was implying that your post was crap. Somebody buys the ripped of copper, and it's recycling yards. Of course it doesn't happen in Jerry Falwellville.
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            Re: Stolen Copper

            California law requires scrap yards to properly identify the seller of the scrap and document the purchase. The problem is not all of them do and it is just like chop shops that deal in stolen cars. The more the copper is worth the more illegal purchases will be made.

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              Re: Stolen Copper (from everyones pocket)

              PC and others probably read or heard of this when it was published in November, but for those who haven't here's a copper theft story that affects us all.

              Pennies no small change in D.C.

              What's your take?

              Is it OK for a private company to take public property (objects of value that were created at taxpayers expense) and use them for their own private gains?
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