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K-50 cleaning 1 1/2" pipe

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  • K-50 cleaning 1 1/2" pipe

    I have problems many times cleaning 1 1/2 pipe from bathroom sink to closet flange. I have 5/8, 3/8 & 5/16 cable. I have not tried the inner core cable but hate to spend more money on my own ideas if somebody has some insight. Thanks, Dennis.......

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    Sometimes going from the sink to the flange can be easy sometimes a pain. Did you try going reverse with the machine. Going reverse is almost a sure thing. As far as cables the 5/16 cable should do it at an ease. If not try bending the end of the cable a bit to give it more of an offset, this should work. Or the 3/8 cable should do it with a drop head attached to it. As far as the 5/8 cable try a drop head as well, but this could be a little tough. But the trick is bending the end of the cable, if the plumbing has been installed properly and to code, there is no reason any one of those cables should not work. I would not recommend the inner core cables for a lot of offsets. I am not a big fan of these cables, for straight runs OK but for offsets forget about it. I am a sectional snake type of plumber. Alot more flex to section cables. That K-50 machine is one of the best on the market. Very versatile in any small drain up to 3" in size, Good Luck [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      I recently used a K-40 on a bathroom and kitchen sink. I used 5/16" IC cable on both. I used the standard cable on the bathroom sink because I wasn't concerned what happened went I ran into the larger vent pipe.

      The kitchen sink vent pipe had plugged between the upstairs and downstairs twice! I had to get it from the roof with my K-375. So, I got the cable with a drop head to make the turn into the smaller 2" pipe. The first try, it went to the roof, second try, it went where I wanted.

      The bathroom had a weird piping job thanks to my Father, almost looks like two traps, one goes down and other up. What I'm saying is, lots of turns! It was easier doing that than using the DH in the kitchen. Of course, I wasn't going backwards! Good idea, I'll try that next time!

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        The Pipeman,
        Thanks for your input,
        I too use 5/8" in reverse with a bend 3 inches from the end. I cut a 5/8" cable to 24" length and bend approx 3" from the end. This will also go down as often as a drop-head. I've assemblied pipe in the shop to test different bends and then make templates to match the the bends. I've had two in the last year that I couldn't make it to the flange and I don't understand why.
        Also on the 3/8" cable with bulb auger is wound in the wrong direction for torque. It unwinds under torque but the 3/8" cable with 5/8" adapter is wound the opposite direction. I cut the adapter off and bend the cable end. That works sometimes too.
        Thanks again for your reply, Dennis....