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use of polyethylene pipe vs pvc,cpvc

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  • use of polyethylene pipe vs pvc,cpvc

    Are people using more polyethylene pipe vs cpc/cpvc ? Is it worth buying equipment to join Poly ethylene ?

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    The use of poly pipe is widely used in my area (northeast) for well ines and some water service. I have not seen any inside the buildings but i know that it is a common substitute for schedule 80 in well applications. most well companies would rather just drop down 200' of poly in about 30 minutes as opposed to spend an hour with threading together 10 lenghts of schd 80. It is faster and much more efficient with the poly pipe. I have not seen poly inside of a house yet. The most common use for it in my area is underground burial.


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      i forgot to mention that another widely used application for poly pipe is in sprinkler systems. poly is great here. It makes a quick job, easy to alter and it is more efficeint than cutting and glueing all day


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        In my area most plumbers are using poly for water wells and sprinkler systems also, but only a few are using the fusion type joints and fittings. Most are using mechanical / insert fittings. Several cities are using poly for there water mains and sewer mains also. The industry I noticed using fusion joints on poly the most is the HVAC companies that install geothermal, ground source heating systems. Many of these companies just rent their fusion tools from their suppliers.

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          We often use PE for running sample water lines in water treatment plants when we are running underground from one building to another. We then fuse a flange and continue inside with sch 80 PVC. PVC is much easier to work with and in most cases and is more versatile.


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            I recently visited the AWWA show in Washington DC. They had a lot of info on the Polyethylene Pipe. What equipment is being used to fuse this pipe for the plumbing side? Are you getting the equipment from your normal plumbing distributor? Do you also use the squeeze-off tools and cutters?


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              A significant application of PE pipe is gas (methtane) collection systems in landfills. Hundreds of feet of pipe in varying sizes up to 6". Not a small undertaking.