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  • Tankless Propane

    ok boys, have fun with this long do you think a small (smallest) propane tankless would run off a bbq bottle? my first look says maybe 3 hours off a 20 lb bottle, but my math may be suspect. my jetters are not heated, and warmer water would be nice for cutting ice. and the exhaust would make the van nice and warm, and not stink of kerosene (and yes I might take a nice long nap cause the CO....but I think I can work that out).
    Ace Sewer
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    a 20# propane tank won't work. there are heaters for the pressure washers that heat the high pressure water. you really don't want to heat the incoming water. hard on the pump.

    the heater i'm referring to is called a "hot box" it runs on kerosine or diesel.

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    Here you go Ace Sewer, best I can do for you.
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    Re: Tankless Propane

    Like Rick said it wont be good on the pump. The heater needs to be on the outlet side.