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  • Nibcoware

    Oh, I wish I had my camera with me today. I just saw some of the absolute worst plumbing I've ever seen in my life. There were drains just going around in circles with every imaginable fitting - worse than any nightmares I've had.

    But what caught my attention, besides the 60+ year old water heater that the house was built over, was some copper pipe that I've don't remember ever seeing before. I realized immediately when I tried to cut and repair it that something was really not right.

    It's called "Nibcoware 60 Water Tube," and it has white markings. It's as thin as tissue paper, and I can't imagine it being legal anywhere.

    Now, I remember the alloy copper we used to use with the black markings, but this is different, I think. I tried to Google it with no results. Anybody remember what it is or what it was for?

    The reason I was making the repair was because it had simply split open - and it didn't appear to be a freeze break.

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    Re: Nibcoware

    Ya just know that was one of those "I don't think any difference in the pipe.... They just tell you there is to make money." type, handyman or homeowner installs.