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Dishwasher and water pressure

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  • Dishwasher and water pressure

    I just had a dishwasher hooked up and the water pressure in the kitchen sink hot water spigot has dropped drastically.

    My plumber added a kind of ā€œVā€ connector to the hot water supply line to supply hot water to the sink and to the dishwasher.

    Now the dishwasher seems to fill all right but the hot water pressure in the sink is less than half of what it was even when the dishwasher is off.

    My plumber says it's to be expected when you put an addition on the supply line.

    Is he right? If he is, can anything be done to boost the water pressure?


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    Re: Dishwasher and water pressure

    No, he's not right about the pressure drop when the other fixtures are not running. Sedimentation in your line could have plugged up your faucet. Check between the angle stop and the faucet. How's the remodel coming?
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      Re: Dishwasher and water pressure

      Your plumber messed up on this one. Except when the dishwasher is filling there should be no change in the pressure or flow at the kitchen sink. If you can do so please post some pictures showing the work this plumber did for you. Even when the dishwasher is filling there still should be good pressure and flow at the sink.

      Gear Junkie has a good point about sediment (or maybe a blob of solder) clogging things up, but I wonder. You might take the aerator off the faucet and check the water flow with it off. They normally have screens that tend to clog up.
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        Re: Dishwasher and water pressure

        very simple test. disconnect the water supply line at the faucet and run it into a 5 gallon bucket. turn the water on to the feed line and check the flow. if it's good, then the problem is in the faucet. if it's still bad, then the problem is in the shut off valve or the feed line has a chunk of debris/ rust.

        you can also try to back flush the hot side of the faucet. while the feed line is disconnected from the faucet. put the bucket under the hot side of the faucet and turn on the cold. then open the hot side of the faucet and allow the water to bypass into the hot side. this might force the debris out of the faucet and into the bucket. sometimes holding your hand or a rag over the aerator will force more water and pressure to assist in back flushing. even a dime under the aerator is a good trick.

        is the piping copper or steel?

        if it worked before, it will work again. it just needs cleaning or flushing.

        is this a 2 handle faucet/ hot and cold? or is it a single handle faucet?

        has the plumber come back to check it or made excuses that it's not his problem?

        shouldn't take a plumber 10 minutes to figure this out.

        phoebe it is