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  • floor drain problem

    another problem developing in our house. w ehave a full basement without a sump or ejector pump. we have a floor drain and a laundry tub. my washer drains into the laundry tub. i guess this is common in older homes. anyway our floor drain has begun to back up and i am getting water in the basement while doing laundry. my dishwasher (installed by us) has a temporary drain line ran into the same laundry tub until i can get some time to tie it into the actual sewer pipe. so if we do laundry and dishes at the same time or a few loads of laundry we begin to get water. what do i need to do? is this as simple as running a snake through the drain (all i have is a hand held snake), or will it require more than that? is this something that a fairly handy homeowner can do by renting a power snake or is it something that will require a professional? if i should call someone how much should i expect to pay to have it done? and would it be covered under a home warranty?


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    My guess is you have lint from the washing machine starting to plug up your drain line. You should use those little lint traps that attach to the end of the drain hose. You can buy them at the grocery store. You'll be surprised at how much lint they prevent from going down the drain. Depending on the type of landscaping you have, tree or bush roots may also come into play here.

    In most houses the main drain line is a 4" pipe so your little hand held drain snake more than likely will not clear this line. Depending on where you live the rooter people will charge anywhere from $65 and up to clear out your line.
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      well i just got home and was able to deal with this problem (i am in the military and was not at the house when the wife notified me of the problem. well it wasnt lint. my main was backing up as per the plumber i called. he ran the water in the deep sink in the basement until the drain started to back up and then had me go flush the toilet. the water surged up when i flushed it. i had to pay 200.00 to have the line routed out. i had never run a power auger so i watched and learned. kind of frustrating once all was said and done because it took him all of about 25 minutes. but the drain is fixed...and i learned how to fix it so i guess it was money well spent. but if it happens again off to home depot i go to rent a power auger for a few hrs