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Cannot find a round toilet seat to fit my toilet properly.

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  • Cannot find a round toilet seat to fit my toilet properly.

    I bought a townhouse this year that was built in 1977. I am working on redoing my bathroom. I am pretty sure it is the original toilet. I noticed that the toilet seat didn't sit right on the toilet drifted off to the right. So I purchased a new toilet seat that was listed to fit all round toilets. It does the exact same thing. So I figure it must be something with the toilet itself. I do not see any brand name on the toilet except what looks like an interlocking URC or UPC on the toilet bowl behind the seat. In searching I think it might be universal rundle. Do you think its possible that only a toilet seat from the manufacturer would sit right on the toilet? I hate to replace the toilet just because the seat doesn't fit right on it.

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    You should have someone come look at your toilet first to tell you if its a elongated or round or maybe you should go buy an elongated and round toilet seat and see which one works. Take the one that dosent fit back and get your money back.
    You should'ent have to buy a new toilet.