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  • Yikes!

    Has anyone else ever broke off a factory nipple on a State BTR500? I yanked a 7 year old State 100 gallon BTR500 from a Red Lobster, installed a 85 gallon BTR365 and went back the next night to reinstall the BTR500 next to it. I had to pipe it from the top, instead of the front, and put a 18" wrench on 1.5" cap on the outlet nipple. I leaned into the wrench and the nipple broke off in the pipe boss. I was dumbfounded. The threads were rusted and corroded. There must have been a small leak that sealed itself shut. Thankfully, the GC didn't blink when i called him at 11:30 p.m. He called back the next morning and said he had a new BTR365 on order. Cha-ching!