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Cleaning my Truck

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    Re: Cleaning my Truck

    Originally posted by saysflushable View Post
    somehow I've kept my van clean for a week and a half now. That's a new world record for me. Man I wish I had that type A personality that made me keep stuff clean and organized. I'm sure I loose buisness just because my dash is so cluttered with crapx.

    That's it today my dash gets cleared off. by clean I just ment the back of the van. Hey rome wasn't built in a day
    THAT right there is the biggest problem for me, sorting Delta parts, Moen, Symmons, test guages, easy-outs, insipe pipe wrenches...the list goes on and on.
    So many small parts and tools...often things I don't use more than once or twice a month that get buried if I lose track of them, I tend to stash them on my dash or in the door pockets.
    I am slowly sorting these "strays" into small parts & small tools seperate from more standard tools & stock like crescent wrenches/channel locks or copper fittings/faucet feeds.
    I have a truck with a cap, recently I made two roll out trays on wheels that go into the back of my truck side by side so I don't have to climb over everything to get to stock near the front of the bed near the cab, it has worked very I just have to get a system going to keep the multitude of smaller, often less used things sorted on those trays.
    I also keep a checklist, when something comes off the truck I note it..then restock when work slows.