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Hey Wookie: I heard you met my boss

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  • Hey Wookie: I heard you met my boss

    at a counter day last week in LA. You got to see a few toys we've been working on. He came home to a big ol' pile of snow in his driveway. That's what he gets for spending the week in CA.


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    Re: Hey Wookie: I heard you met my boss

    Sure did at Express in Anaheim. Can't remember the names tho but a couple of nice guys from Ohio. There was a nice young lady Bree, there also. I guess she is the local rep. She helped me with a part # that I ordered. Everyone was talking up the new combustable gas sniffer, I don't really have a need for one usually but wouldn't you know it 2 days later I got a call for a gas leak. Me being a tool junky says to myself I guess I have to get one of those contraptions! Guess what? Unavailable do to packaging issues! Oh well next time. Gas leak caper solved without it.