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  • Ridgid Roundup Relay

    Just had a thought to post. Why not have a Ridgid Roundup Relay?

    You could have 5 stations within 20' of each other to complete. Individual and team competitions. Speed being the winner in this event. Not to show who's the best plumber or who can make the best cuts at something. Just for fun and bragging rights. The Roundup should be about fun and getting more familiar with Ridgid and all the people involved.

    1. Camera. Navigate some tough turns to a point. Identify object.
    2. Sectional. Short run through some tough turns/dips.
    3. Drum. Same as sectional.
    4. Cut a piece of cast iron with ratchet cutters.
    5. ProPress 2 Couplings.

    It's within 20', so no running for those that don't move as good as they once did. They might be able to do the individual.

    You could have teams. 2 man. 5 man relay etc. That way you could get more people involved in a shorter amount of time. Plus, maybe you could incorporate teamwork somehow. Then they all know each other a little better.

    I thought of creating clogs, but that's just a mess to make and to clean up. Wouldn't be fun for Josh or whoever has to do cleanup. And it should be fun. So make the turns in the cable competition tougher but possible.

    East Coast vs. West Coast for finale maybe.

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    Re: Ridgid Roundup Relay

    Great ideas, post here
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Ridgid Roundup Relay

      I like em. JC are you signed up yet?


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        Re: Ridgid Roundup Relay

        Thanks. Not signed up. I'm probably the littlest business on the forum and would LOVE to come but it's not the right thing for me to do. Got to go to work so the shoestring budget doesn't break. But I do like longsleeve orange RIDGID t-shirts. Anyway, everbody have fun and post pics.