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    Re: Self Feed Bits

    i've had had the 1 tooth bits for a good 6-7 years. a lot longer than lennox has had them.

    i can drill a 4.5'' hole with 1 hand on the drill just to show the lack of torque these bits require.

    never hit a nail yet

    the cutter is not carbide, but a piece of high speed steel brazed to the core. it can be replaced if needed, but the cost of the bit is still pretty reasonable.

    the only drawback is the cutting depth. you can clear the plug on multiple stacked 2x's, but on a 4x you're stuck.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Self Feed Bits

      Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
      The new lennox saws will hog right through them.
      I was told this at a supply the salesman, I'm inclined to listen to my peers first.
      Poor guy couldn't convince
      I might just start stocking major reason I use hole saws (lennox) is they eat nails for having to stop, pull nails & resharpen the dull bit.

      Rick, how deep is the cutting depth?
      If it's at least 2", I'm good...I usually wind up pulling and removing the block after each 1-1/2" plate, stud or sill when drilling multiples.
      On a 4X, I still prefer to use my catsclaw & hammer with holesaw over dealing with a self infrequently as I come across anything that big.


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        Re: Self Feed Bits

        The really nice thing is they use a 3/8" spade bit for the pilot, so the wood chunk falls right out usually. Buy extra pilot bits though


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          Re: Self Feed Bits

          Originally posted by DuckButter View Post
          Same here, drastically reduces cleanup time.
          I'd just like to know how well these one tooth saws handle nails, past experience wasn't good.
          The Lenox rep told me it will cut through 50 #16 penny nails before resharpening is needed. I get closer to 15 or 20 before it slows down. 2 mins with a diamond file and like new again.

          I do hit alot of case hardened flooring nails and 150 year old lumber so I work my bits hard.

          I did have one break the tooth off on it's first hole. Ferguson exchanged it and no problem since.

          These things cut so easily I rarely bring in my Hole Hawg in anymore. The 1/2" battery drill works just as good.

          Cuts at least a 2" deep hole


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            Re: Self Feed Bits

            Well, then I'm sold.
            The simple fact that you can resharpen them is an obvious advantage..and one tooth can't be all that time consuming.
            I'll buy them as my current saws deplete, right now I need a new 2" so that'll be first.


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              Re: Self Feed Bits

              I am sold also! I am tired of self feed bit shavings in my hair, shirt, bibs, and my wife is tired of them in the laundry.