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Service Call or Trip charge?

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    Re: Service Call or Trip charge?

    I have been doing quite a bit more service lately. Most plumbers in our area are at 75-80 an hour no trip charge. It isn't worth it for me. I have upped a service call to 125 + 80 after the 1st hour. I have not been turned down for a single job yet. I think people expect to pay that or more.


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      Re: Service Call or Trip charge?

      For Drain Cleaning I charge $65 bucks more for the first hour, and I bill out the second hour in quarters. I charge extra for camera work, locates, roof access, jetter, etc on top of my hourly rate. Seems to work well for me. I let the costumer know what it is going to cost before starting the job and give them a "ball park" final price base on experience.

      For Plumbing I was hourly also, but have just recently started to go Flat Rate on Plumbing service. I'm starting to think Flat Rate is the better system because it gives the customer options and they know the price. I don't however think Flat Rate would work for Drain Cleaning.
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        Re: Service Call or Trip charge?

        Originally posted by abdaddyjay View Post
        My Company is Houston and I avoid trip fees and just give basic est over the phone, I dont have time to play with shoppers and a 45.00 trip fee for nothing. I start all bids at 125.00 in my mind to cover the to and from trip. If you have enouph experence ,you know about how long your going to be there if you ask the right questions .I charge by the half hour after that with is 125.00 + 62.50 and they get up to 30 mins work. The only time I dont use this plan is when dealing with underground leaks ,trouble shooting hot water heaters and sewars/clogs.The point is when I'm done with the phone est ,I know I'm making 185.00 per job
        Wow! Thats pretty much how I been doing for my first 3 years in business. Works really well for me.
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