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    Ahh I've got many

    Here's one:

    Back in new construction plumbing residential homes we was always behind, way behind and what would happen is they'd start insulating AND drywalling just about all the walls around the plumbing just because they couldn't wait on us anymore.

    Well, that made us the bad guys always and these two drywallers were pissing us off royal even though I'm sure we made it hell for them as well but they shot a nail in a vent pipe.............WAR!!!!!

    So.......we casually put the air test on the copper at the shower head in one bathroom, got it inspected and felt good that we got another builder off our backs.....for a minute.

    So in an impulse moment, my buddy looked at me, I looked at him and I watched him remove the schrader valve out of the threaded ball valve that we purposely only opened about a 1/4 way so it would take a long time to remove all 100 pounds of air since we had the water heater set on the 2nd rough.

    He held his finger on the end of the valve, made sure he banged a pipe to pipe to make it sound like we broke something when the air started rushing out at a high shrill, LOUD and we both

    run like hell screaming "GAS LEAK! GAS LEAK!!! GET OUT!!!" like we was dead serious with the shocked faces heading out the front of that building and we kept on trucking!!!

    It was so ****ing hilarious because one guy was on stilts and the other was on a ladder, the one on the ladder made it out first but stumbled bad off the ladder and the guy on the stilts fell down on a stack of drywall literally screaming trying to unhook his stilts to get out of the building.

    These two drywallers took us completely serious as there was no indication to say otherwise that it wasn't true.

    We was laughing so hard we was crying because one of them fell down in a huge rut in the front yard from concrete trucks pouring the walls initially.

    Not only were these guys shocked, but they were instantly furious after realizing that it was joke, and it was air......LMAO~~~~!!!!!

    They left, they didn't come back and we really didn't care because we went to the house next door to set the finish. HA!

    We should of been cuffed and stuffed for inducing panic that day but it was worth laughing so damn hard, tears running down my cheeks to give such a quality payback!
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      Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

      Originally posted by Tyman View Post
      Call the shop with prank calls in a disguised voice
      While our receptionist was on maternity leave we hired a temp agency to fill in. Every week they would send us somebody new. Retraining them became a pain so we decided to have some fun

      Our accountant in the back office would call in posing as a frantic customer that had just accidentally flushed a 2 month old kitten down the toilet while giving it a bath and wanted to know what to do

      You would be surprised how many different reactions each person had to this

      Most were visibly upset and brought to tears

      One even just hung up the phone without saying a word and pretended nothing happened We were all scared of this one

      The best reaction was a young girl that burst out laughing when she heard about the kitten
      We hired her on a permanent basis


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        Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

        Great thread Aaron. Funny stuff.


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          Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

          One that stands out for me is the old "Tape measure Pendulum" trick.

          What you do is eyeball the distance from your victim's eye's to his crotch, and extend that distance on your tape and press the locking mechanism, Then hold your tape parallel to the ground at your mark's eye level and ask him to look down the tape and see if it looks crooked to him. Right about the time he closes one eye to get a good look at the tape, you release the back end, hold the dumb end in place, and the tape measure body swings down and hits the mark square in the beanbag. A classic.
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            Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

            Well,we do habitual abuse of electricans on the jobsite,the best was switching out our locks on thier gangboxes.After they all leave for the day open box and empty out....return thier locks.The sight of them opening an empty gangbox was priceless...


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              Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

              In keeping up with abusing electricians welding there gang boxes closed work nicely. Turning off someone's B-tank when there up in a ceiling works well on plumbers they get all prissy. If you are roll grooving pipe flipping the Ridgid 300 on forward work nice too you can you see the look of what the hell on there face as the pipe walks off. I have seen this one make the sprinkler fitters go nuts they where testing a fire sprinkler system and someone opened the inspection drain that was in the back of a building out of sight when they where testing about a hour latter they found it.


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                Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                When I was a helper there was a certain plumber I was assigned to who would always send me out to turn the water back on at the meter while he was still putting on the new washer. "I'll have the stem back in before you get there, it'll save time."
                So, one time I said ok as usual and shuffled out of the bathroom real slow, then I broke into an all out sprint. I could vaguely hear him all the way out at the street, "turn it off, turn it off".

                And in the same vein, when I had a helper, and we had to flush a water line at the tub to remove rust or diptube pieces, I would tell the helper that I would turn it on and off three times and wait 3 seconds between each time and then he was to check the valve body for debris......yup.
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                  Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                  I've noticed the term 'sky hook' used more than once in this thread. I haven't heard this one before. What's this story used with this one?
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                    Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                    For a skillsaw or nailgun it's an attachment you can add to them for hooking on things.Great for working off the ground.hang-'em off 2x's,ladders,nails,etc.Sometimes the safety harnesses you are required to where when you're high.


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                      Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                      Originally posted by drtyhands View Post
                      For a skillsaw or nailgun it's an attachment you can add to them for hooking on things.Great for working off the ground.hang-'em off 2x's,ladders,nails,etc.Sometimes the safety harnesses you are required to where when you're high.
                      That's right, they come in either rubber or steel, the rubber one's are safer, but not as strong as the steel, i know what i'de rather hit me on the head.

                      But the rubber one's don't work to good if your mate is still attached when it gives way


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                        Re: Good Job Site Pranks.


                        What would a saftey harness do for me if i was high, and low ?


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                          Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                          Graphite on door handles and tool-box handles...

                          Doing new construction we would all hang tails of each other when ever we got the chance...

                          Rocks in hubcaps was always a good one.

                          I convinced an apprentice that the boss was deaf in his left ear so if he was standing on the bosses left he needed to talk really loud... Boss thought the kid was retarded

                          Superglued the bosses phone handset to the reciever.

                          We took a grinder to the wheels on the bosses chair and gave them facets he would roll across his office floor...thump thump thump thump we had him convinced he was gaining weight and was causing flat spots on his wheels he must have bought 10 extra wheels.

                          The best was actually removing the door to his office, we pulled the door, placed studs, sheet rocked, mud / taped and painted. By Sunday afternoon you could not tell there was ever a door there.
                          If it was not for the window into the shop he had to keep an eye on us you would not have even known there was an office.
                          Monday morning was priceless when he came to work ( I was let go for that one)

                          We used to get guys suited up in all the PPE ( Respirator, goggles, gloves,Tyvek coveralls and send the to the parts house for cancer causing chemicals... ( Parts house would throw some sodas in a box we had made that had radioactive stickers and special handling instructions printed on box like cover testicles when handling package ect...) Scared a few customers with that one

                          I will think of more


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                            Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                            Wow, some of you guys are really immature, I never participated in these kind of pranks. I have a wacky, crazy sense of humor, but pranks and stuff just aren't funny to me.
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                              Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                              Service Guy did you get picked on in school alot?

                              It's ok I was too... It took me a while to lighten up and realize we all make this world go around...


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                                Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                                Years ago it was getting old getting your bags nailed down.Had it done to me a few different times by cockies.

                                We had this one new guy(loudmouth,cocky),nailed my bags down to impress the crew.
                                He went to the portable John,I gave him a few moments to get seated and comfortable,
                                I got the firehose Brian got the door.Full open to the body.

                                He didn't even try to move,just sat there with his pants around his ankles getting his second shower/drenching.It was about 100deg that day.Oh well.