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  • Good Job Site Pranks.

    Since the thread about cool plumbing tricks was such a 'hit'. I was wondering what are some good job site pranks you've done or witnessed?

    I'm not talking about messing with guy's flux so they can't solder or putting a nickel in a 3/4"-1/2" Pro-Press tee acting like a flapper, basically anything being a real *******.

    I know the flux or duck **** behind the door handle and tie-ing zip tie's to the drive shaft to make an annoying noise soon as the truck starts moving due to the zip tie hitting the frame. I've heard putting a long ball of Caution tape under the truck and tie-ing it to the truck, so soon as a bump comes along, theres 50' of Caution tape flying behind the truck.

    What are some other good one's?
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    Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

    In new construction we have sent the helper out to the truck and as he walked by the window we dumped a 5 gal pail of water on them.

    we have put seran wrap on the bowl of the toilet at the shop.

    we put a fish in the springs under the seat of a co-workers van (do it on a Friday after work for best results)

    Released the air from gas piping test.

    Sent an apprentice to the supply house for: a bucket of blue steam, left handed wrench, sky hooks, bubble fill for the level etc.


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      Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

      when hanging large pipe fill it with acetylene and ignite the whole building will shake.

      when you get a new apprentice tell everyone on the job that he is gay


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        Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

        I have always enjoyed sending the helper out for the "Bucket of steam" or the "sky hook",

        Those two have been my favorite!


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          Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

          We use to wait until a guy went in the outhouse and then we would tip it up on the back edge where it would tip the rest of the way if he moved around. Now 35-years later I can see how that might not have been the brightest thing to have done.

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            Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

            putting 3 hole punches in the defrost and turning the fan on when they start up the truck in the morning. nail the crawl hatch down when someones in there. drop a big rock down the porta potty vent when someones in there its a little nicer than tipping it over.
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              Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

              while setting stairs of anything else at an angle send someone out to the truck for the "unlevel level" or the ever popular "nail, board, pipe, shingle, ect streacher"
              9/11/01, never forget.


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                Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                Wouldn't do it or recommend it, but I met one guy who was a master at nailing your boot to the floor when you had a load of something in your arms. He never tried it on me and I'm glad because I had steel sole boots at the time and it may have turned into a toe-nail literally.

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                  Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                  I liked sending the new guys to the supply house to pick up a couple things, and it was such a hit, that the guy's at the supply house caught on and would send them to other supply houses

                  for things like : level water, not any level water, level water with bubble in it

                  go and please get the pipe stretcher.

                  the other good one is heat proof grease on the wiper blades

                  key tite behind the door handles of the van

                  telling them the water is off and asking them to go and open a ball valve to see if they see dirty water or debris sitting in the pipe



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                    Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                    When I did commercial ac, I used to walk around the stubouts with a little plastic bottle in my pocket. A couple drops on the floor and watch the plumbers go crazy. Now I do plumbing also, karma's going to hurt.

                    -screwed the door shut on a porta john

                    -get someone's hard hat and freeze it in a 10 lb block of ice.

                    -put blue chalk from a chalk line on the inside of the person's hardhat. Once they start sweating, down it comes.

                    -sew the sleeves of someone's jacket together

                    -seabee skills test-get the new guy and see if he can split a 2x2 with a roofing hatchet-blindfolded. While he diligently trying to split this-"you almost got it, keep going". We place the top of his uniform on the stake. He takes off the blindfold and sees his uniform hacked up-good times. We used to do this as hazing is prohibited in the US Navy and seabees would never continue to do such a thing that might be misconstrued as hazing.

                    -I'll save the rest of the for me; just in case anyone gets any ideas at the roundup.
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                      Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                      THIS won't work on the job. 3 of Us guys rented a house togeather in My bach. days. 2 of us were carpenters. we drank way to much,and mon. morns we were all hung over. On hi top boots ,the nite before, reverse both laces on them. lace from the top down. both loose ends come out at the toes. try to figger this out ,at 0 dark thirty, hung over!
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                        Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                        Flip the switch for child door locks on the van.

                        Call the shop with prank calls in a disguised voice.

                        I once put a rotten mouse I collected from a sewer under the drivers seat in a coworkers van. It smelled like death.

                        Take the labels off the primer and glue cans.

                        Loosen the unions on the water heater and when your buddy turns the water on and it sprays everywhere, look at him like he is incompetent.

                        Change the house numbers on the work order causing your buddy plumber to pull his hair out trying to find the house.

                        My personal favorite. When the boss is on his way to look at a job or deliver something, tell everyone that "your helper" will be at the job soon and he likes to talk like he knows something about plumbing.
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                          Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                          Originally posted by Aaron91 View Post
                          I've heard putting a long ball of Caution tape under the truck and tie-ing it to the truck, so soon as a bump comes along, theres 50' of Caution tape flying behind the truck.
                          Thanks Aaron91
                          I`m gonna be doing this one in the next week to my master plumber


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                            Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                            while setting finish, tape or rubberband the hand held sprayer in the on position. the next guy that goes to use the kitchen faucet gets nailed

                            reverse the blade on the hacksaw top either teeth pointing back.

                            the old timers will never catch it.

                            why am i telling you these things

                            i need to save the good ones for the roundup

                            phoebe it is


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                              Re: Good Job Site Pranks.

                              Rick keep on your toes, you just never know what might happen