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Sewer Cam Reliability???

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  • Sewer Cam Reliability???

    Anyone own, use or used a Spartan sewer cam set up. I'm considering buying a used one that is priced right but I've only ever used ridgid cams and locators.

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    Re: Sewer Cam Reliability???

    Originally posted by mtnman1100 View Post
    Anyone own, use or used a Spartan sewer cam set up. I'm considering buying a used one that is priced right but I've only ever used ridgid cams and locators.

    I personally do not like the Spartan cameras for acouple reasons.

    1. The head is to big and heavy.
    2. The head has a hard time going past offset joints because its to big and to heavy
    3. Its a bear to get back on curb traps because the head is to big and heavy.
    4. They dont come with transmitters in the head. At least i dont think so, the 4 that i have used did not.
    5. The centering guides they give you for it are way to BIG AND HEAVY
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      Re: Sewer Cam Reliability???

      I don't think that is the case anymore. I am also in the process of trying to figure out which camera to get. The new Spartan ProVision seems to have the same size camera head on it as any of the others. It is prices right at around 5500 for the self leveling color camera with 512 transmitter. It has a kevlar coated fiberglass pushrod much like the ridgid. Spartan is actually coming to my shop next week to demo. Ridgid came last week. The only downsides that i have found thus far is that it records to an SD/XD card and would require a computer to burn DVD and only comes with 100' of pushrod. However you can just about buy two of these for what the ridgid costs. There is supposed to be a clean-out every 100 feet anyhow, and i would be the only person using mine and don't have a problem throwing my laptop in the truck with me. For the money savings they might be great. Anyone else have any input? This is a big expense and it would be appreciated. I know of several other camera systems such as general that have a gel rod? Any thoughts on these. The only thing that my ridgid rep had to sell his was that they are 100% sealed in that they don't have fans to suck in dust from the harsh work environments. And the customer service level seems that it would be superior to anyone else, but i am not sure that its worth the difference in $$$.


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        Re: Sewer Cam Reliability???

        I've looked at the new Spartan 2.0 Pro Vision and liked it. But "like" has nothing to do with real world. Check jrsaltz comments on the Spartan cameras. He basically states that in the past they were unreliable. The new system may be different.

        I did like the system. One compact unit. Good screen. Just all around more up to date looking than competitors systems I've seen. And decent price in the in the category.

        But I really don't care much about looks, warranty, or customer service in a way. What I want is it to be built well enough that I don't need to call customer service or use my warranty. Might be dreamin' though. But if it's built well enough a manufacturer can save money by not having to pay for customer service and warranty work. Just my opinion.



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          Re: Sewer Cam Reliability???

          100' is pretty useless and if you damage any cable, then it's even shorter.

          forget about c/o being 100' apart. were talking the real world and not code book text.

          the 9 cameras i have. 6 are ridgid and the other 3 are a waste of time and money.

          stick with a proven system. ridgid is proven in my book.

          phoebe it is