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RIDGID K-37 Replacement line question.

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  • RIDGID K-37 Replacement line question.

    I didn't know Ridgid had forums. How cool. Here is a question I posted today at my favorite plumbing site ( not knowing about this one: Any help here is appreciated. I'm coming to the source who might know the item in question. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Okay, it appears I am having problems with the 2" drain cast iron pipe for the kitchen sink leading into the 4" pipe, so I need to clear it.

    Here's my problem: I acquired an old(?) RIGID K-37 model drill and drum (I don't know if it missing parts) that needs its line replaced. I removed the end metal piece consisting of removing three hex screws and all I can see inside the drum via the 50 cent piece opening is an empty drum and what appears to be a bolt near the exit with a point. Judging by the holes and threads on the end metal piece I removed, I think I'm missing a part or two like the sleeve and such, but it should still work, right ?


    1. Is there a way to take apart the aluminum drum, or is it all one piece ? Do I need to ?

    2. If there is a way to take apart the drum, how is the new 25', quarter inch line attached to the inside of the drum ? I can't see any clips or ways of attaching it.

    3. The new line has two different ends. What's that about ?

    I know I asked a lot, as any novice would, so thanks to anyone who can come through for me.
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    The model your describing sounds like what I call a tub gun. Typically the wire does not attach to anything inside those drums. Just put a slight bend on the end of the cable and shove it in there with a fast type motion to get it started. Those things seem like you need three hands to operate. One for the trigger, one for the drum and one for the cable. I use a small foot pedal operated unit. 1/4" cable is too small for a 2" line if it's in really bad shape (packed with build-up and such). 1/4" is really for clearing bathtubs - which are 1 1/2" lines down to 3/4" drains like soda fountains. You can try it, but be careful of it binding up and twisting on your glove and trying to break your fingers. Two different ends? What do they look like? I just take straight cable and put a few special bends on the business end. If its got a bulb auger or drop head on it, i'd cut that off.