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  • easy pipe threading

    The #1210 power threader is very easy to use and makes me want to get rid of my #300 , but the machine has very little support in the way of factory parts /I can't find the dies anywhere.Does the #610 die head it has use dies from another machine?

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    BObo you most likly have to order the dies straight from ridgid. i know my place of work does not stock the gold dies. i am pretty sure you cant use any other dies in this die head since that is an oilless machine. i could be wrong . so we will let adam explain.


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      The dies for the 610-die head are specific to that die head. While the dies themselves are ground the same way as a traditional set of dies, they are physically smaller to fit in the 610-die head as I am sure you have noticed. In addition, they have a coating on them that allow them to work with the coolant in the 1210 machine. As far as getting them I would suggest checking out our distributor search section of this site and you should be able to find someone that keeps them in stock in you area. I hope this helps.