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Plumbing in the pioneer west,

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  • Plumbing in the pioneer west,

    This is a clip out of a movie, but a good clip as to what homesteaders and ranchers had and did for water in the late 1800's

    I know how I felt the day I tipped my 12' Aermotor mill up. and how it is to see it pump water.
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    Re: Plumbing in the pioneer west,

    What a great video clip. I believe water is an unappreciated asset which is getting harder to provide in the arid west. As you watch the clips you can feel the excitement the pioneers must have had to have found a clean source of water. I spent two days last week in a Water Rights Conference with the State Engineer of Utah and several of the Legislators. The bottom line is the DNR is looking to audit water rights and cause some to be forfeited because the paper water rights far exceed the water which is available. There are a lot of things man can do without but water is not one of them.

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      Re: Plumbing in the pioneer west,

      Amen, Mark.
      You think the price of oil is high???? wait 'til we run low on clean, drinking water!!!
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