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  • Professional???

    I just deleted my longest rant to date.

    All I can hope is.If you go on a job to do cross work.You better make damn sure you have every T crossed and every i dotted before you talk **** about my network.You,the homeowner and the supply house that sent you out to change it's screw up is going to remember for a long time about your punk move.

    I had to re-re-set a 8" widespread because the service plumber blamed our granite guy for drilling the hot and cold holes off center because he did not want to disassemble the pop-up,spout supplies and spout tee to re center his assembly.

    This guy has no idea why he is there swaping out the trim instead of me.This homeowner(Ambulance chasing attorney we trusted before signing) has already costed our network thousands.I'm not changing out the trim before we get paid in full,he's been holding my generals money back.

    We all make mistakes,especially me.Be carefull about who you are and what you say.There are people like me who take this plumbing **** serious.

    No charge tonight,can't make waves.Too much of my generals money in the phsyco's hands.

    I know we have some of the best tradesmen here with us.If this is not you don't concern yourself.If you think it might be....
    I guess this is more for the visitors enlightenment.

    Dang,still a frikin' marathon post.Not much of an improvement over the deleted.Hope it wasn't too imposing.

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    Re: Professional???

    Vent by all means, it'll make you feel better.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Professional???

      adam, call me before you do anything

      was this the job you were on this afternoon when the calls dropped

      get some sleep and call me in the morning. after 7

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Professional???

        Maybe I'm wrong...but somehow I got the impression that when permits were pulled in Cali, there's a lien that has to be signed off by each contractor before the home will be approved for occupancy.
        I'd finish off the work the correct way, keep the in-house trouble in-house and deal with the poor workmanship without involving outside contractors or customers once the job is done.
        If it's the same clowns you mentioned to me on the phone...the boss should seriously consider letting them go...passing the buck to other contractors & co-workers could eventually ruin the company, word of mouth is VERY powerful and he doesn't want that kinda word passing around.
        I got knots in my stomache just reading the post...wish you a world of luck with the outcome.


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          Re: Professional???

          Sometimes it's good to vent. You seem like a good guy drtyhands. Most of us take our plumbing very seriously and personal. Just remember, silence is NOT a sign of weakness.
          Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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            Re: Professional???

            I'd done been on the local news.

            I am not a person that does well when large amounts of money are involved. It's game playing.

            About 4 months ago I did work for a federal prosecuting attorney, guy thought he knew plumbing more than me. He was an Angie's List customer and I didn't care as soon as he told me how to do my job,

            all bets off. Don't care if I get a bad report or not, I didn't come here to be disciplined on my expertise.

            I hammered him a few times, explained that if you don't trust your wife to NOT hire hacks for plumbers, you got more than plumbing problems, bud.

            I took this guy down the path where half his parts were missing for his faucets, I bashed the quality of the faucets he used, I told him that not raising the toilet flange will have you in trouble years from now because it was not set to industry standard.

            Before I left with money in hand, I told him that I won't work on those shower valves he put in *pegasus* as most likely they'll be out of business by the time they start effing up.

            Told him his 4000 water filtration system is subject to one flurry of garbage through the lines on a main repair and if it makes it past the prefilter, you'll be replacing those $200 apiece filters along the way.

            House wrapped with copper gutters......only thing he has going for him is the neighborhood is high end. Welcome prick, meet prick with an attitude.

            Take that to a sidebar!
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              Re: Professional???

              Originally posted by DUNBAR View Post
              Before I left with money in hand, I told him that I won't work on those shower valves he put in *pegasus* as most likely they'll be out of business by the time they start effing up.
              My one and only experience with Pegasus says you're wrong.
              Balancing cartridge ceased in three weeks between rouugh and finish.
              Another bright & shiney product intended to fascinate the unknowing.


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                Re: Professional???

                The problem of working under another is, You have little control. I have a temper ,messed up some folks with My mitts,stupid. I choose whom I work for. I always stay ahead on the money $$$$ this is against Ca. consumer law,Don't care . Mess with My family or Money
                You will pay,court? never
                I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .