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Pex ? Killing Off the "Mongo Man"?

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    Re: Pex ? Killing Off the "Mongo Man"?

    Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
    Hey Ducky, What you gonna charge the old girl for adding the circ and controls? I'll bet it'td be just about as cheap to replace the whole thing. Bet the boiler's older than you and me together.
    You're right...she's weighing the possibility of just replacing the whole thing...however, I can set up the circs & relay so they can be used on a replacement when the time comes, either way she'd have to do it.
    This was a customer who'd moved closer to Boston and has had me do a load of work already on the new home.
    I'd be demo'ing the large diameter piping in the basement and seperating the zones over to the boiler into a manifold, but that part of the labor & stock would be done when the time comes for the swap out...that is if she doesn't just decide to do it this summer.