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The huge black snake, and the hvac guy

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  • The huge black snake, and the hvac guy

    Read this years ago. The Tech was a few feet in the cralwer,His light shined on a huge black snake, coiled around a 4x4 peir post. Like a flash, exit hole, only to crash His head into another peir post. Sometime later, He wakes with a bloody head and beats it out to day lite. Gets a 1st aid kit, and another flash light. Snake still there,was a black water hose!!!!
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    Re: The huge black snake, and the hvac guy

    there is a story about my dad and uncle, and Grand father, and way they killed a snake earlier in the day, and later my Dad and uncle was setting the shade of the garage building, with the doors open, my Grand father saw them and then spied a old black hose section laying on the ground, and picked it up out of there sight, and then walked by the door and threw the hose into the building, My mother said you never saw two guys move so fast.

    another story, a few years ago I went down to the barn and rolled up a small fiber glass garage type door, was standing about 8" away from the door, but could not figure out what was wrong, the pull down rope was not making sense, I stepped back and then realized why, it was the tail end of a 4' long bull snake, the head and about 3" of the body was in the middle support of the door. when I realised what it was it kinda made me jump. have to admit I was glad it was the tail end and not the other end. even being a bull snake.

    this is not in the crawl space or on AC,

    But maybe this is what Electricians call snaking wires,
    Maybe this is why code says all knockouts need to be plugged.

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      Re: The huge black snake, and the hvac guy

      Thank goodness that is one thing we don't run into here, snakes, but, I will tell you, Possums and rats and dead cats. those are the top 3.

      the possums fight for their space, they won't just give it up.



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        Re: The huge black snake, and the hvac guy

        i have bin watching the show verminators ant it is in ca .i have never seen so many rats in houses ,we have mice in pa but could not deal with rats .

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          Re: The huge black snake, and the hvac guy

          "the possums fight for their space, they won't just give it up."

          They'll be giving up soon enough when the get their butt inappropriately placed between the hot and neutral bars
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