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Serice Magic...Worth it?

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  • Serice Magic...Worth it?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone is or has worked with them for leads and what your experiences have been. Im looking to stretch myself out a bit and add another service guy, I figure if it brings something extra in, it then makes sense to add the second truck. For those that use them, how many leads are you getting and your percentage of calls you actually land. Have they stayed as repeat customers. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Serice Magic...Worth it?

    I have am currently a member of Service Magic, Drain Medic is also.

    Greg has wonderful results, I have so, so results. I have made good money from them, but it is speratic. It has been 2 months since I recieved a paying lead.

    Greg has really good luck, I believe this service is area specific, works well in some areas and is so so in others.



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      Re: Serice Magic...Worth it?

      Robert is spot on.


      I rarely get a lead ( I'm in a small area).

      My buddy in Texas swears by them and has built a solid customer base with them in a large metro.

      If you can get the volume the numbers will work just by averages.
      I think it also has alot to do with how big a presence service master has in your area (do you see lots of trucks for them?)...

      Join up and buy a few months of leads and see what your area can do


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        Re: Serice Magic...Worth it?

        Lead services in general tend to push the "Get contractors to bid against eachother" mentality a wee bit too much.
        I've used Service MAgic off and on for a couple of years and it has finally boiled down to meaning there is absolutely no work lined up before I turn them on.
        Bottom line is it's ok for a start-up...but prepare yourself for situations where people seem to think it's ok to expect you to fight other contractors on price over a $75 job that you've already paid $20 for the lead and will have another $10 to $15 to pay in gas.
        They also openly flaunt customer reviews, whether or not you want them...and many customers will openly complain about prices regardless how low you charge.
        I stopped using them regularly on the discovery that at least two of my "competitors" were young guys still living at home with their parents...I have a family to feed.
        I've been told it used to be great, but it seems like it has evolved into a paid version of Craigslist over time.