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Urinal outlet flange-preference?

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  • Urinal outlet flange-preference?

    I've always used the supplied brass outlet flange for a urinal but recently saw one made of pvc made by pasco(?). It seemed sturdy enough and would make rough in go alot easier. Any thoughts on these?
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    Re: Urinal outlet flange-preference?

    Used both without any trouble. I don't know if the plastic ones were PASCO. Gotta be careful as you know all plastics aren't the same. Wrong composition and "crack" when you turn the bolts that last bit you need.



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      Re: Urinal outlet flange-preference?

      I like the brass ones. The best way to rough in urinals is to leave a hub as far behind the finished wall as possible. Dry fit a short nipple with an unglued coupling flush with finished wall. When you come back to trim, pull the assembly out and cut your nipple plus the male adapter to fit the flange and your golden. I have found out that if you just leave an unglued stubout nipple, the tiles guys lay up so close to it that you have to cut tiles to get a male adapter behind the finished wall.


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        Re: Urinal outlet flange-preference?

        as far as i know there is no male threaded urinal flange.

        very difficult to make a brass fip flange sit flush to the wall in a 2x4 construction when the 2'' san tee is centered.

        i've made up male flanges as needed, but it some work and i would rather a 2x6 wall with room for at least a close brass nipple.

        i can't ever recall a situation with plastic waste and urinals on any of my jobs.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Urinal outlet flange-preference?

          Urinals are almost exclusively commercial (here anyway)...code prohibits any PVC on commercial.
          Even if it did allow it, I wouldn't use it...brass only.


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            Re: Urinal outlet flange-preference?

            Buffalo is a plastic's everywhere.Urinals in a 2x4 walls all the time.I forget the manufacturer,but we get plastic flanges with a glue socket..sometimes if you can't get the tee back in the wall,gotta give 'em a little trim.

            Don't know whatever happened to the 2x6 required for plumbing walls rule.Seems like architects are clueless now a days.4" risers in 2x4s...back to back bathrooms in 2x4s...I'm not sure who carries all this "magic" pipe you need to do these things.....