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  • sinkmaster bonecrusher 750

    Have any of you guys had any run in with this fine piece of equipment? There is one in my house and it recently jammed. No problem, I went to unjam it, only to find out it has no dejamming parts. I should have known when I could not find the disposar key. If you guys have any info it would help so my wife could not utter her favorite line "I married a plumber and my (fill in the blank) does not work."

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    flint, it could have been worse. you could have been a shoe salesman and a wife with no soles.

    a bone crusher is nothing more than a high speed blender. junk. look inside for that jammed turkey bone. is it still humming? if you can get the turntable to spin,(use a piece of gal. pipe 18'' x 1/2'') you should be able to get it to run. the phcc has a promotional deal with whirlaway, bonecrusher. the phcc is more interested in flat rate pricing and getting as much from the client as possible, than putting out a good product. the one and only dinner i went to was a meeting of their members to get it while they can. as a result i had no interest in joining.

    this doesn't help you with your disposal. but it does tell you what kind of junk you got in your sink.
    put in an insinkerator and you'll have a good factory warranty. they wouldn't come out for a jammed disposal, but will repair or replace for free under their warranty period. up to 10 years on a pro-77 installed by a licensed and ise certified contractor. no gimmicks. never had an issue with them. ps. they come with the allen wrench to unjam them if you need to.



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      ALL residential GB's are a joke. Well, a sad joke but a joke nonetheless. IMO, they are more trouble than they're worth, at least smaller than 1HP.

      Again though, just like with those fine 1.6GPF "toilets", they are awesome for sewer and drain companies.

      I don't really see how difficult it could be to simply lift a strainer out of a sinkhole and dump it in the trash and replace it but I digress.

      My lady wanted one anyway so i put in an in sink erator type 3/4 HP. (Agree with Rick on brand) The types that do not have a way to crank them free on bottom or elsewhere are usually the blue light specials, and I've never installed or dealt with that brand you mention.

      So far she seems to be smart enough not to use it for various things that alot of previous customers of mine have found for them.


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        Thanks for the answers guys. It was pretty much what I thought, I brought a 333ss home from work with me and will put it in tonight.Just have to get by my inborn cheapness and by new and not repair.

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          Re: sinkmaster bonecrusher 750

          Originally posted by Flint View Post
          There is one in my house and it recently jammed. No problem, I went to unjam it, only to find out it has no dejamming parts.
          ... "
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          The solution is to take your wife's kitchen broom and turn it upside down and stick the wooden in down into the disposal. Make sure that the broom catches one of the blades down in side. Then turn the blade using the broom stick. You shoud notice the blades moving...At that point the sinkmasters unstuck. Turn on the power again. Hope this helps someone in the future.

          I have had this happen many times and it's fixed the problem for me each time.