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Wisconsin plumbers who use CPVC

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  • Wisconsin plumbers who use CPVC

    Is this common to use in your state? Whats better, copper or CPVC? I know which is cheaper!

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    Re: Wisconsin plumbers who use CPVC

    Its very common for some plumbers to use it here in Wisconsin. I personally do not care to use it, I would rather use copper or pex. As to which is better that is up for debate...Copper has been used for how many years and CPVC has been around for what 10 or 20 years.

    Just think that there is not much skill and art installing cpvc as to copper. that is my 2 cents.


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      Re: Wisconsin plumbers who use CPVC

      Pex is used on probably 90% of new construction here and most re-pipes. There is a company here that offers a lifetime warranty on re-pipes if they use CPVC, not sure why that is. I"ve seen tub/shower valves ran in CPVC that looks like a hack handyman did it


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        Re: Wisconsin plumbers who use CPVC

        A friend of mine who owns a medium size plumbing company said that his distributor told him that he is one of the last shops that still order a lot of copper. The rest have all gone to pex.
        His company works mostly in older neighborhoods. As 1Handy mentioned, that seems to be the difference - old work vs. new work.
        Another of my subs uses cpvc exclusively. He says he's been using it for years without any problems.
        Seems like it might be an old school vs. new school thing.
        Like how my dad prefers to shingle his entire roof with a hammer and isn't interested in my pneumatic roofing nailer.


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          Re: Wisconsin plumbers who use CPVC

          Thanks for the replies. I was checking CPVC along with PEX, and noticed the CPVC has a higher pressure rating. How is that? PEX seems more durable.


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            Re: Wisconsin plumbers who use CPVC

            I came across the ultimate sign things are a changin' last week.
            All pipe in basement was CPVC, two different CPVC manifolds that adapted to PEX risers for individual fixtures.
            No clue.