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  • New CG-100

    Anyone else pick one of these up? I just bought one and I can't get it to stop beeping and flashing, I tried to call Ridgid's support line, but I'm on the west coast and they close at 2pm my local time. The best I can come up with is that it needs a sensor, but it was JUST taken out of the packaging and I can only imagine that it WAS tested before shipping.

    Or maybe I'm giving off all kinds of gases?

    Thanks , Rankin

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    Re: New CG-100

    I got one too.

    Aw man, don't tell me that. Mine was doing the same thing. On the back of the detector, it says when it's going off with no gases around, it's a bad sensor. I asked for a new sensor over the phone, but said they couldn't send one out. Ridgid has had my detector for close to 3 months now. I'd pissed that they haven't corrected the problem yet.

    I had mine for about a month or so, and had it in use maybe only 20 minutes before it started acting up on me.
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