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Pvc-Cpvc pipe and fitting info

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  • Pvc-Cpvc pipe and fitting info

    Here's a mighty interesting site at Charlotte Pipe regarding the specs, handling and installation of pvc/cpvc pipe and fittings.
    Jump ahead to page 46-48 and page 82.
    For instance: Teflon tape is the recommended sealant (two turns on the starter threads then overlap 50% to the end)
    When joining plastic to metal only use male plastic to female metal, not vice versa. (I can't tell you how many leaks I've fixed at the water meter where the plumber screwed a pvc female adapter onto the brass nipple there.)
    Only 1 full turn past hand tight. Only use a STRAP WRENCH. No channel locks or pipe wrenches please. (Sorry, you lost me on this one)
    Do not use cpvc male adapters on the hot water piping.
    When glueing - pipe must be square and bevelled because the seal is made at the base of the hub.

    I know that all of you do it exactly like this.
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