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Some Plumbers! *shocked*

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  • Some Plumbers! *shocked*

    Customer calls and says sewer is blocked up in his restaurant...

    He tell's me that another plumber was working on the job and walked off and did not ask for money....

    My first thought is who is this plumber and what did they break that made them run....

    I tell them I will take a look at things but will make no promises.

    Show up and ask manager to take me where other plumber was working.

    6" CI cleanout on main vent stack.

    Take off cover and look inside....

    Drain is not fully blocked just flowing poorly but I just had to take a look..

    There is something strange in the line.

    Holly $hit it is the other plumbers cable 3/8" no less. He cut it off and stuffed it into the drain...

    What kind of dirtbag would do that!!!!!

    I tell the owner that I am not outfitted to go after cables ( Seesnake and big K1500 w/ 1 1/4 cable and augger) but I would call a friend who had the right equipment...

    My buddy will get it out. I just can't believe a licensed plumber would do this to someone....
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    Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

    was he a licensed plumber and did you get the name of the plumber

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      Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

      He was licensed and I have the name...

      I gotta be carefull being the small fish in a small pond though.


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        Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

        that's what happens when you go fishing for sharks with a trout pole.

        all he was going to do is make a hole in it and collect big money. then when it backs up the next day, he would sell them a jetter, camera, sewer.

        let the owner have a talk with him.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

          I have seen it before also. Someone called me for a laundry stoppage. My cable kept getting stuck , so I peeked the best I could down the cleanout and saw a 1/2" cable laying in the pipe!!! It turns out someone had cleared the line about 6 months prior. The customer's said they were there forever, and charged them, told them its fine and left. I'm surprised it lasted 6 months before clogging up.
          They called the company that did it and made them come back to get it out for free. I hope they remember me in the future as the honest guy. The other guys...they suck, no excuse for that kind of sneeky lying.
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            Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

            Not sure if I'm speaking the obvious but if your cable ever gets kinked real bad and you're stuck, cut the cable and use a drill in reverse to get it out. Just apply steady tension and it'll come out just fine.

            Okie-why not call that company and tell them what their tech did? Maybe the owner doesn't know that their techs are doing this type of work? Were you the one with the seesnake and 1500 or was that your friend?
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              Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

              Gear, I could call the company but I would be talking to the guy who did this. We don't have any large plumbing companies where I'm at, we are all one or 2 man operations...

              I'm thinking the reverse drill trick will work sometimes but not all the time otherwise nobody would ever have to dig up a line...

              I wish I had a 1500 and a seesnake I'm still saving my $ for those. The biggest machine I have is a K60 so far...

              There is another plumber in town that I know who I refer the big stuff to if I get the call first he in turn throws me a few calls a week...


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                Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

                Before I had the seesnake I still got cables out the old fashion way with a retreiver head, took some time and had to have a feel for it but it works. I find cables that roto r**ter leaves a lot. I t not that uncommon to find a cable in a drain, not super common but it happens. Lots of rental snake cables in drains also.
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                  Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

                  3/8 cable, how smart was that? I pulled out a 3/8 cable once, with a tow chain, the guy broke off 100' of it in a sewer, last time he rented a machine

                  I told him one try, if not, then we dig, his sewer was 9' deep, so I was hoping it would pull back It did!!



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                    Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

                    Originally posted by OkieBill View Post

                    Holly $hit it is the other plumbers cable 3/8" no less. He cut it off and stuffed it into the drain...

                    What kind of dirtbag would do that!!!!!

                    My buddy will get it out.
                    I just can't believe a licensed plumber would do this to someone....
                    Are you sure it was his cable and not some hack before him? And he was pissed when he found it in the line and just didn't want to deal with it.

                    You didn't finish the job either, but you did get your buddy to do it.

                    Its easy to insinuate, and chances are it was the last plumber cable, but you'll never know, unless he was seen doing the stupidity act. Me, I'll try to keep my mouth shut, but if I catch someone doing something like that/or similar situation, look out buddy your going to get an ars chewout.
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                      Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

                      What on earth was he doing with a 3/8" cable in a 6" line in the first place? What did he think would happen? And at a restaraunt no less? restaraunt=grease=jetter. At least he didn't charge them lol.
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                        Re: Some Plumbers! *shocked*

                        I've caught and removed 3/8" cable from kitchen drains with a 5/8" cable and a retriving auger ib the past. It takes a little time but it can be done.

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