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  • Any of you in SoCal

    We have a project we started a week ago and part of that project is to remove a 4" meter that was improperly installed on a 6" copper line. Were going to just put in a 6" piece of copper to replace the meter.

    Its all Vic connections so its no biggie.

    What I am looking for is if any of you have or know were we could pick up a scrap piece of 6" copper in the SoCal area. We need about 30". All even pay market value for it.

    I had a buddy of mine who actually had a 30" piece sitting in his office that he was going to give me if we ever got awarded the bid, however to be on the safe side, we estimated the project with buying a whole stick, 20' at around $80.00 a foot just in case. Good thing because my buddy sold the 6" piece to another guy we know who was desperate a few weeks back just before we were awarded the contract.

    I figured what the heck all call around, post on some forums and see if we could find a short piece first.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Re: Any of you in SoCal

    Largest I have is 4" in stock.If you are serious give me private message me and I'll make some phone calls.


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      Re: Any of you in SoCal

      i know i have a length of 5''. 6'' was stolen a while back.

      just a heads up.

      vic is not allowed underground. in a vault ok

      phoebe it is